“Samay” & ” FootPath” Concepts by Abhishek Vashishtha


” SAMAY” & ” FOOTPATH” are two concepts which are completely different from each other but each one contains it’s own strong impact and deep essence.

Abhishek vashishtha (king of Concepts ) is known for his innovative ideas and unique meaningful presentation and implementation. [SAMAY] will present power of time on various elements while on other page [FOoTpaTh] will knock the doors of all sorts of audience with a soul shaking representation of livelihood of people who dwell at FOOTPATH.

Mr Yograj Sharma (Managing Director at AAJ KI DELHI FILM PRODUCTIONS) has taken the responsibility to spread this Noble massage to all four directions with Abhishek Vashishtha as leading media supportive.

Aliya Singh and shubham shastri will be Leading faces as both are recognized actors and have already touched souls of Audience in previously done project [Tezaab on 25th Jan that is Sohni Punjaban 2020 Organised By Kapil Verma (Red Elixir) and Amrita kaur] by their remarkable performance.

Mr Amit Kumar is one of the gem in the world of media and Mr Amit kumar (MD – YoursNews) is one of the major influences among all big shots in media world, always performs his duties towards social welfare highly so this time Abhishek Vashishtha and Yograj Sharma will support both of these social causes based concepts together.

Amir Idrisi and milaap Sharma will be creative representatives while Preeti kochar will contribute as leading makeover head. To all appearance team of Aastha Group of Fame is again all set to show two unique realistic definitions of earthy and grounded fashion forms this time in an eloquent manner .

Abhishek vashishtha King of concepts fashion “AASTHA GROUP OF FAME” .

King of Concepts Abhishek Vashishtha is all ready to showcase his new conceptual theme and designs..

Concept designed and organised by (Abhishek vashishtha)
Entire team worked really very hard …and it was actually fructose …in all manners …

AASTHA GROUP pays hundreds of thanking notes to each and every member of project.

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