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“How was Sasikala’s special treatment video leaked” – Explains an IPS officer.

Additional information is flowing about  DIG. Ms. Rupa, who brought to light the luxuries Sasikala is enjoying in the Bangalore jail. The ego war between the IPS officers of Karnataka is the main reason for the videos relating to Sasikala becoming public.

Sasikala and the prison video:

DIG Rupa openly said that Sasikala is enjoying privileges that are not allowed for a prisoner. After Rupa’s startling revelations the Karnataka government swiftly transferred jail officials and IPS officers including Rupa. Rupa’s actions have put Sasikala and the prison officials in deep trouble.

Those who claimed Rupa’s report is false are now in a panic, after the release of the videos and photos which point to Sasikala enjoying extraordinary privileges. In the meanwhile, Karnataka BJP unit is protesting against the transfer of Rupa. The Karnataka police is investigating whether the video is real, who leaked it and how it went viral in social media.

Who is Rupa?

IPS officer shared about Rupa to the tamil news website and he told  “ Rupa hails from Davengere and in 2000 she joined the police department and she was offered a posting in Karnataka. During training she was known for her shooting skills and in 2016 she also received the president award. When she was the SP in Bidar, she took stern actions against the looting of minerals but she was transferred. But she did not stop her actions and like Sagayam IAS in TN, Rupa is respected by the people of Karnataka. Many are scared of Rupa because she is known to take stern action against criminals irrespective of political pressure.  No doubt she is transferred frequently, but that has not stopped her from doing her duty.

Police action in the Prison:

As soon as she was transferred to the Bangalore jail, everyone expected her to take some strong actions. As expected, Rupa took the matter of Sasikala being given extra privileges and sent a report to DGP. This created problems for both Sasikala and the IPS officers who were helping her. Now Rupa has been transferred to the transport department. The main reason for the video becoming public is the ego clash which is going on between the IPS officers there”.

“While the video is going viral on the internet, Sasikala’s supporters claim the video is not real”, according to, a famous Tamil News web site.

Secret investigation:

Rupa is an active Facebook user and she used to post about her actions in FB. She also used to openly post her views about the actions of the police. She has a huge following of around 25000 people on Facebook.   She also brought out the irregularities in Parapana agrahara jail without any fear. But Rupa is strong in her stand and she said very clearly that she is ready to face any investigation as she is straight forward. At a time like this, Sasikala’s videos have started coming out one after the other.

The Karnataka intelligence department and cyber crimedepartment are trying to find out as to how the videos came in public space. They are also now trying to find out if the videos were recorded by secret hidden cameras or by the jail CCTV cameras. This issue has now caused serious concerns for the Congress government in Karnataka and they are also thinking about shifting Sasikala to another jail. Congress has also accused BJP of trying to gain political mileage out of this issue.

This issue is now turning to be very beneficial to the BJP. Usually for VVIPs, enjoying great privileges in prison is very common, but now Rupa has exposed this. In the charge sheet prepared by the Delhi police, in connection with the Election Commission bribery, T.T.V. Dinakaran’s name is not in it and his followers are celebrating it. But in the next charge sheet it is believed that his name will surely be included and it is being rumored that BJP’s hold on him will also get tightened in the coming days.

What is the problem between Sasikala and Rupa?

Rupa’s actions have resulted in the withdrawal of Sasikala’s privileges in the jail. Apart from that Rupa has also accused that IPS officers have received around two crore rupees as bribe. It is not possible for Rupa to make these accusations without the proper evidence and the higher officials who are enquiring her have also asked for evidence from her.

Rupa has said that Sasikala’s camp have tried to even bribe her and now the higher IPS officials are all a bit shaken by this. The matter has been taken to the CM immediately and sources say that she is now being asked to maintain silence. Apart from that Rupa claims that there is no problem between Sasikala and her.

How the video got released?

As per source “no special privilege was given to Sasikala and we are investigating the matter now, to find out how the video was released and we are also going through the CCTV footages. The place shown in video is visitor’s area.Even it is very shocking to us to hear that Sasikala has gone out for shopping. How can someone who is in jail go out for shopping? Only after the investigation is over the truth will come out”.

Another official said “It is not possible for the video to get leaked. Now we are enquiring the police who are seen accompanying Sasikala in the video. The faces of Sasikala, Ilavarasi, and one woman police are clearly visible in the video. If everything is proven to be true, action will be taken against Sasikala and the police officials who were responsible for breaking the law” he said.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat