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Scope Of Youth In Indian Politices

As we know that India is one of the largest democratic state in the world. In India there is a democratic form of government. In a democratic form of government people elect their representative of their own choice.

The state is divided into several constituencies from which they select their own representative. Literally I don’t want to focus on the complex structure of our constitution and the reserved fundamental rights.

India is set to become the youngest country by 2020

Basically I want to focus on “The present Scenario of Indian politics” & “The Scope of Youth in Politics”.

Though it is very difficult to touch each and every nook and corner of the issue but I will try put the most discussed points and draw your focal attention towards the major drawbacks in Indian politics. As we know that our constitution says that Government is “To the People, By the People and For the People”.

Every individual is supposed to take an oath and specially our representative those who are determined and elected to serve our country. Their prime objective should be people’s interest first. They are supposed to unite the unity of our country. They elected to craft our nation. They are made to contribute to the development and progress of the nation. They are supposed to figure out the problem of the nation and hindrance in the path of development.

“Every Third person in an Indian city today is a youth.”


But the sad part of the story is that here the existing condition and scenario is somewhat different. Over the several decades of our independence still India is in the passage of a developing nation. It is a big question mark on the capability and excellence of Indian economist. Why we could not develop our self-up to the planned level. Why our present education system is not admired by the world. Although we were called as “vishwaguru” sometimes by the other developing nation. Where the problem lies exactly. No one is trying to figure out root the cause of the problem.

I want to retain your attention towards one main root cause that lies in our politics.

I want to ask a very simple question that “How many Indian Prime Minister have been born in independent India?

” The answer is probably “none so far”.

Now the argument starts with this question that why it is so? Is there a scarcity of Youth capable leader who can understand the root cause deeply and lead the nation towards development? I think there is a lot but no one is coming forward to take the challenge.

This is just because of the lack mass awareness and dedication towards nation service. Ever individual start gaining their career in their early stage of their life and after that they get married and owing a flat becomes their prime objective. They simply think that gaining success and earning money is the prime objective of our life. But it is not the same. Now the time has come. Nation is looking for our youth power; nation is asking question to major chunk of the country, nation expects something from yuvasakti.

Answer to every question is hidden in youth power. We should come ahead to grab the opportunity and save the nation.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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