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Security Screening Failure – Know the Consequences!

Organizations urge to have just the right hire to accomplish the goals, visions and missions without being any legal hassle or security threat to them. For this purpose, a security background check has been conducted to ascertain the reliability and consistency of an applying candidate. Whereas the employees can be the most precious asset of any organization, they also bear a probability of becoming a security threat. It is widely believed that the people who work with the organizations much closely are likely to pose a security risk that can lead to potential losses.

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To identify the prospective candidate who can be a security threat or risk, employers execute security background check program to do necessary assessment of the information provided or not provided by the potential employee. Experts indicate that the employers who fail to conduct appropriate security screening tests are likely to face huge losses and security risks at large.

Sooner or later, the bad consequences of security screening failure will get you in a big trouble. The larger the workplace, the larger the workforce and the larger the turnover increases the likeliness of catching up trouble with the insider employees who do massive scams and frauds.

The failure to conduct the security screening process successfully put your both intellectual and physical assets at stake. The company’s assets will be at risk and in addition the failure to perform adequate security screening can also lead the company to be in a position of legal liability if your hired employee will cause any harm to the third party. The third party can be your customers, vendors, other employees and associates. An employer is held responsible for the conviction of the employee as it is believed that the incident could have been prevented if the employer would have taken adequate precautions.

For example a person who has a history of bad behaviors in past or had found guilty for an aggravated assault has been hired by an employer as a valet parking agent. The parking valet had an argument with the customer and a quarrel pop up as a result of which the employee threw the customer on a ground leading to a severe head injury. This will ultimately cause the employer to face the lawsuit due to the conviction of the employee who was guilty in the incident. Therefore, it is advised that an employer run an extensive security background check before offering a job to a candidate.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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