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When it comes to device-to-device data transfer apps, there are a lot of options. One of the best ones, perhaps the best one, is the SHAREit for PC application. This app is not only great at sharing data from one device to another, it also does so blazingly fast. The features list aboard the SHAREit app is also spellbinding, which is what we shall today discuss.

SHAREit for PC: Best of The Features

In case you were wondering, the SHAREit for PC application is important for transferring data from one device to another, whether the device is a PC or a laptop or even a mobile device. Especially on mobile devices. It is true that you always have Bluetooth to fall back upon. However, the SHAREit app is a lot faster than most such comparable technology. In fact, the SHAREit app is almost 50 to a 100 times faster than Bluetooth, which is a proprietary technology.

Second, the SHAREit app has a lot of additional features, one of which is the fact that this app has a very simple interface. The user interface is typically graphical in nature and is ideal for use by all users from all walks of life. This is why there are around 1 billion users around the world who use the SHAREit app on a daily or a regular basis.

The SHAREit app can send all sorts and types of files from one device to another. This essentially means that the users will be able to use the app on almost any device. This also means that the app is used by all the major operating systems.

SHAREit has one great advantage over many such comparable apps as well: it can connect to up to 5 devices simultaneously. Such user-friendliness is manifest when we try and connect to some other device or when we try and use the slower option of Bluetooth. Which is why the SHAREit app has been widely appreciated.

The installation file of the SHAREit for PC app is clean, small, and malware-free. All these characteristics are essential in ensuring that the app is installed without any ado and is ideal for use on a device which has a limited amount of storage space.

SHAREit for PC: How to Use

At this juncture, one thing must be kept in mind: the SHAREit app is available as an Android-exclusive app. This means that you will need to use an Android emulator to use it on the Windows platform. For the best results, we believe that you must consider the Remix OS emulator. It is free of cost and is relatively easy to use as well.

Download the install the Remix OS emulator.

Download the SHAREit Apk file.

Open the home screen of the Remix OS emulator.

Drag and drop the SHAREit Apk file into it.


Wrap up

Thanks to the rich features list of the SHAREit for PC, we expect that you will never need any other data transferring app. The developers of the app often release a number of changes and updates to the app. To be abreast of these developments, do bookmark this page.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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