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Shiwangi Peswani, Started her career in her late 30’s as a freelance content writer and turned into a professional lifestyle blogger gradually.

She is a regular author at a leading tech blog for last five years and also handling her lifestyle blogging and social media influencing simultaneously. She started working as a social media influencer at the age of 40 and she believes that age is just a number.

Currently she is one of the very few 40+ fashion blogger in India. Shiwangi is known for her elegance and style. So, if you ever feel that you have crossed the age to style your outfits, follow Shiwangi Peswani and get charged up.

She has two YouTube channels, three blogs running currently. In a nutshell she is a great package of being a tech writer plus a lifestyle blogger.

She blogs about parties, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

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