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Most of you have Truecaller in your smart-phones. This is a kind of app that gives you information of unknown callers automatically, you can even get details like the cellular company and region circle of the caller. With this app you can also block call and messages from selected numbers.

To use this app, firstly you have to install it on your phone and then sign up or register by feeding your details. This is an absolutely free service and process that just uses your internet data and nothing else.

How your details get saved on Truecaller’s database.

When you register yourself or someone else with your contact detail in his/her phone directory register on Truecaller, then your details automatically get saved on Truecaller. So, your details get saved and shared whether you want it or not.


Various genuine people in marketing and advertisement domain are affected by this app as their number are shown with various untrustworthy names (like Spam, Don’t Receive). Many time you want to remove their details from Truecaller.

But, often they are clueless of how to do this, mostly because your details get stored in trucaller’s directory even if someone else save your detail in his/her phone book.


Don’t worry, in this article I am going to tell you how can you remove your number from True caller. For this, first of all you have to deactivate your account from True caller ( in case you have earlier made your account there.)

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Steps to deactivate your account from trucaller.

1.   Open the app.

2.   On the top left corner, you will see three horizontal lines, click on it.

3.   Go to setting, there you will see various options.

4.   Now, deactivate.

Steps to remove your number from Truecaller.

1. Go to the unlist page of True caller at

2. Enter your mobile number with country code.

3. Choose any option for unlisting.

4. Type the number/alphabet in the verification box.

5. Finaly, click on unlist button. Smile!!

Simple isn’t it? Hope you techy readers found it helpful.

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