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Summer Getaway Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

Summer is almost here, and it’s time for you to book your much-needed vacation. These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing where to spend your precious vacation leave, making it difficult to pick the perfect one.

Here are some vacation ideas that are perfect for each zodiac sign. Let the stars guide you to your next summer getaway!


With your energetic and independent nature, you’ll enjoy a vacation destination that offers a wide variety of sports activities. RandR – what?! Plan a trip with lots of activities, Aries, to satisfy your craving for adventure!

You love being number one, so pick a destination that’s unbeknownst to thousands of tourists. Go bungee jumping, sky diving, or trek through mountains that other people in your network haven’t conquered yet.


As an earth sign, you feel most relaxed and comfortable when you’re surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and luscious flavors. A resort with an elegant and serene environment will be perfect for you.

Book a 3-night vacation at a picturesque wine estate in Napa or an island resort in Cebu. It will while away your worries and allow you to indulge yourself in luxury.


Big cities like London and New York will appeal to your wanderlust, Gemini. They will give you the best of both worlds – laid back in some areas and fast-paced in others. Both cities are also rich in history and culture, perfect for sightseeing and photo ops!


You’re a homebody, and it’s hard to get you away from the comforts of home. But, because you love water, traveling to a place with any body of water will make you feel at ease.

Choose a cozy bed and breakfast for your accommodations instead of a large hotel chain.


You love drama and sophistication, and you’re always drawn to where the action is. A hip city like Tokyo will allow you to experience over-the-top events like cosplaying while regal accommodations will make you feel like royalty.


It’s time to let your hair down, Virgo. You’re a perfectionist, so you plan your travel itineraries carefully. You like learning something from your travels and treat them more than just vacations.

Consider the Great Wall of China for your vacation and try to see as many temples as you can.


You’re one who likes symmetry and balance, so a vacation that allows you just the right amount of rest and adventure is what you’re looking for.

A destination with both quiet and picturesque corners, as well as busy streets and hip nightlife will be great for you.


For Scorpio, the perfect summer getaway is a trip that will let you truly recharge and unwind. You’re not quite keen on roughing it up in the mountains, but you want to be one with nature.

A glamping trip will allow you to experience the serenity of nature and the adrenaline of the camping activities while having modern conveniences accessible.


For you, a vacation isn’t about staying in a hotel. You want to completely immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your travel destination.

You don’t mind couch surfing or staying in a hostel. In fact, that’s even better for you because you’ll meet more people!

You like exploring the unexplored, and just the thought of traveling to an unknown destination excites you!


Reconnect with your friends and family during your vacation by picking a destination with just the right balance of relaxation and adventure. The important thing for you is that you’re with your loved ones during your vacation.

A family-friendly destination is what you want. Consider going to a beach or island with lots of fun group activities for you and your companions.


You absolutely hate vacations with rigid itineraries. You want to plan your day as it goes, with an option to just kick back, relax, and watch the beautiful sunset.

Choose a destination that keeps you away from tourist traps and opt for a quiet resort with activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking.


Spiritual retreats allow you to soul-search and look back on your life. A staycation in a cozy hotel or resort that allows you just to enjoy the soothing ambience and tranquil view will be perfect for you.

Don’t forget to bring your journal or art supplies so that you have something creative to occupy your time when you get bored.

When looking for the perfect summer getaway, consider how each zodiac sign thinks, feels, and behaves to make sure that you’re booking the perfect vacation.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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