Summer Smart or Summer Looser


Summer comes with lot of care for lot of things. Where you put yourself this summer?

Well, I am summer ready and I have few ways to beat the scorching heat of the sun indoor or outdoor both. When we go out in summer we are away from many facilities that we have in our cozy home. No problem, we have the bag to carry our home essentials to keep ourselves cool, hygienic and sweat free.

Wherever we go we should never forget to carry in our purse our most required stuffs that will keep you go fu day with ease.

1. Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen you need to apply around 30 minutes before you leave your home. You need to reapply it every 3 hours and when you have burning sensation. You should keep SPF 6O in your bag everyday without forgetting it.

2. Sunglasses

If you know me I am very fond of different sunglasses. This solves both purposes styling and covering your eye areas from harmful attack. So this is something I cannot go without in summer.

3. Hand Sanitizer

If you can’t stay hygienic and germs free in summer then it means, you are missing something major. This is essential because you most of the time keeps your hand in face and eating out something so with that dirty surface you my fall ill. Small bottle is a must have for this summer.

4. Perfume or Deodorant

We need to feel fresh all the time and it is difficult to maintain the freshness when you are out for many hours. In that condition perfumes or deodorant is a must thing that you should carry in your purse to make yourself refresh. This is perfect solution for summer day out.

5. Scarves

Scarves cover your face and keep your skin protected from UV rays. You are good to go with the large or small scarves even you are in contact of UV rays or you should use scarves even you are in auto or you are in car. So that you are out of danger of sunburn and you can safely ream to and from.

Best of all, your all valuables are safe in your purse and providing your body and skin full protection. With all these 5 must have bag essentials for summer, you can beat the heat and whenever I am on the go I make sure that I carry all that essentials.

What is your 5 must have bag essentials for this summer? 

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