Sushasan or Jungle Raj? What’s your view on Jungle Raj return in Bihar!


Criminal-turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin was released from Bhagalpur on Saturday after spending around eleven years in jail. More than 400 SUVs and cars gathered to escort him from Bhagalpur to Siwan.

Shahabuddin was once known to spell terror in Bihar. He has been named in at least 39 criminal cases related to kidnapping and murder .He was also accused in the murder case of Chandra Shekhar, the then( March 1997) JNUSU president. He was also awarded life term in a twin murder case that included the heinous act of burning two brothers alive by pouring acid on them.

Who is Mohammad Shahabuddin?

Mohammad Shahabuddin is a criminal turned politician. He was elected four times as a Member of Parliament from Siwan, Bihar, with the Rashtriya Janata Dal party of Lalu Prasad Yadav, and 2-times as MLA, to the Bihar Vidhan Sabha.

Mohd Shahabuddin Once Seen As A Symbol Of Lawlessness In The Lalu Rabri – Nitish Raj Walks Freely Out Of Jail

Back in 2005, he was arrested by the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s NDA government in connection with a murder case. Time has changed now, the coalition government of RJD and JDU is clearly showing the loosening of power from the hands of Nitish Kr. who had worked a lot to control the law and order of the state


After his release from jail various statement made by Shahabuddin tells it all.

  1. He said, “Such allegations are baseless. Judiciary granted bail to me, not the government. Everyone knows that charges against me were false and now the court has released me.”
  2. Condemning chief minister Nitish Kumar he said, “He is an accidental CM due to circumstances, (Paristhitiyon Ke Mukhyamantri)”.
  3.  He further added, “I don’t consider him (Nitish) as my leader. I never worked under him in the past, nor working in the present, and will not work in future,”.
  4.  Supporting Lalu Yadav he said, “My support to Lalu Yadav will continue as before. As far as my comeback is concerned, I had never left politics.”

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