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10 Most Polluted Cities of India

The World Health Organization (WHO) surveyed that about 80 percent of the population living in cities breathe toxic air. It has been considered that numerous people living in these polluted cities are suffering from respiratory diseases and that had become a serious matter at present. With each passing day, these cities are releasing injurious toxicities that get to lungs and blood tissues from our respiratory system. These are causing significant damages to our body and also postures life threat to an extreme.

Primary sources of air pollution in major cities include poisonous gases releasing from trucks, cars, plane and many other types of vehicles. Along with this emission of fuels, industrial hubs, power plants, oil refineries as well as implanted factories. Below we have listed top ten polluted cities in India:

10. Ludhiana capital city of Punjab

Ludhiana is ranked at number 10 amongst the top polluted cities of India. This city is the hub of industries which continuously release harmful gases as well as poisonous from the chimneys of these sectors. It has a record of a number of deaths owing to airborne pollution. The vehicles running on the road also release harmful smog such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and many more deadly and poisonous gases. And these harmful gases are the cause of major health issues in every abode of Ludhiana.

9. Agra in Uttar Pradesh

Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, has at present surrendered to air pollution and entered the list of polluted cities. This pollution in Agra causes the population to acquire the load of deadly diseases released from this pollution. On the other side, the government is giving no attention towards the diseases causing by this pollution and this problem has become the common topic for the people living here. Owing to the increasing level of chronic pollution Agra is now losing its significance and worth. Taj Mahal is also turning its color to yellow due to the air pollution.

8. Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh

The life of people living in Kanpur is posing towards a serious threat to lives as the city is always covered with brown fog. This brown fog is due to the rising level of deadly gases released from vehicles. This city poses a lot of health-related issues owing to this pollution and is listed under the polluted cities of India.

7. Amritsar in Punjab

Air pollution of Amritsar is killing about 8-0 people on a daily basis. The respirable particle in the polluted air is one of the chief factors which is liable for these untimely deaths.  The outer walls of The Golden Temple in Amritsar is gradually losing its shine as the marble has been discolored owing to these pollutants which are released by industries as well as vehicles.

6. Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh

Firozabad is famous for the making of colorful galls bangles. The glass industry in Firozabad is the main cause of making it a most polluted city in India. This industry continuously releases poisonous gases from its chimneys and when these gases combine with the air, it causes severe health problems among men, women, and children. The people of Firozabad had complained many times regarding the unauthorized factories here, but the government has not taken any steps to solve this matter.

5. Ahmedabad in Gujarat

Ahmedabad is the hub of textile industries, and these industries are also the main reason of unwanted pollutants in the air which causes severe health issues amongst the population. Ahmedabad is ranked at number five amongst the most polluted cities of India by World Health Organisation. The chimneys of industries and exhaust pipes release many toxic gases and owing to which there are several health issues among the population. However, Gujarat government r is gazing at the problem of air pollution. They are continuously monitoring the toxic gas levels and trying to imply necessary measures to decrease the risk of deaths and disease in the city.

4. Raipur in Chhattisgarh

Raipur is the hub of industries, and these industries are the main cause of health issues in the city. These industries keep o releasing the deadly gases into the air and which is covering the city as a black cloud blanket. This dark blanket is making population unable to breathe and also choking their lungs and respiratory system. According to WHO Raipur is at number four amongst the polluted cities of India. The air pollution in Raipur is rising at alarming rate.

3. Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior is the small city but is equally polluted like many other major cities of India. The pollution in the city is creating many health problems among the people. The increasing toxic gases are mounting the level of lung diseases and heart attacks. Life of all people comprising men, women children is in danger owing to this air pollution. The health levels in the city are getting worse on the daily basis as the reports suggest about 25 percent of vehicles are eco-friendly in Gwalior.

2. Patna in Bihar

As per the World Health Organisation, Patna is ranked at the second position in the list of top polluted cities of India. The city releases dirty air which is the main cause of lung as well as heart diseases. The release of this harmful particulate in the air is the main factor due to which population is posing severe health problems and also many untimely deaths.

1. Delhi

Delhi is in the leading position in the list of most polluted cities in India. The poisonous gas released from factories, cars, construction sites, burning of debris as well as crops stubbles are the main cause of health issues that people are facing. The population of Delhi is breathing in many harmful gases on a daily basis and resulting in lung diseases as well as deaths. The government is also unable to take measures to rub out or to reduce the threshold of air pollution which is alive in the Delhi air and which is under the dark smog of death daily.

We are in the era of development, but this does not mean that we have to face unhealthy conditions. We should plan out for some suitable remedies or some efforts to decrease the level of air pollution in our cities.

Ravleen Chawla
Author: Ravleen Chawla

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