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A lottery is a form of gambling which involves drawing out random numbers for a is a common practice by some governments to regulate lottery gaming.

Kerala and Maharashtra are among the 13 states in India that conduct state lottery games with lottery patterns, ticket fees, and prizes varying in each state. In the lottery one wins by luck or chance. Many people participate in this game whimsically. Over the years, India has recorded many lottery winners; from the youngest to the least expected wins.
In this article we will look at the biggest lottery winners in history of the Indian online lottery according to

Local wins

1. Porunnan Rajan

Luck was highly in favor of Porunnan Rajan, a 52-year-old who bought a reasonably high-priced lottery ticket on his way to get a loan from a bank. The ticket bagged him a Christmas 2021 new year bumper lottery ticket worth, ₹12 crores. He intended to clear his debts and build a house for his family also ensuring that the youngest daughter accessed high-valued education. History proved that small wins could surely pave way for bigger wins, this was the spirit of Porunnan Rajjan.

2. Sharafuddin

Fortune can locate people in the least unexpected of ways. From the remaining lot after selling lottery tickets, Sharfuddin found a ticket that had drawn him ₹12 crores, making him the winner of the Kerala Christmas-New Year 2020 bumper lottery. The gulf returnee intended to clear his debts and build a house for his family.

3. Ananthu Vijayan

A father’s dream came true through his son when a 24-year-old Ananthu Vijayan bagged winnings worth Rs 12 crore of the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery of the state government. The Temple Administrator had bought the ticket as a joke with his allies. The prize money came in handy to alleviate the difficulties his family was facing at the time.

4. Dr. Kirti Ashok Patel

Before the ban on playing lotteries, Dr. Kirti was a lucky beneficiary. One of her clients who had won a prize draw held by the company motivated her into buying a lottery ticket. Unexpectedly, the ticket made her the biggest lottery winner in India.

5. M. Bensraj

M.Bensraj made it a habit to buy lottery tickets most of his life. One day lady luck visited, and he managed to go down in the history of playing win the online lottery as the pioneer winner of the mega jackpot. The 35-year-old mason became the first Crorepati and one of the biggest Indian lottery winners to date.

6. Akshit Kumar Jain

In a gala ceremony held in Mumbai, a gaming brand of Essel group, confirmed the youngest Play Win Lottery jackpot winner, Akshit Kumar Jain. The cryptic received Rs 2.83 crore as award money as Kuber Lottery Bhandar, a lucky retailer who sold him the ticket was also rewarded a 1 percent commission

7. Saraswati Bhagare

An accidental win of ₹500in the Powerball lotto game, gave hope to Saraswati who had made a habit of buying lottery tickets. She continued until luck struck and she won a jackpot worth ₹1.50 crores paving way for the fulfillment of her dreams using the prize money

8. Mojiful Sheikh

Mojiful Sheikh bought a lottery ticket as an act of kindness, from a man selling Karunia or compassion tickets. Little did this would bring about ground-breaking changes in his life. He won a whooping ₹1 crore., money that prompted him to seek protection in a police station before he could cash the cheque.

9. RP Manoharan

A lot of people have never had a chance to win a lottery in their lifetime. Lady luck seems to have camped with Rp Manoharan as he did so not in one or two but\ three years in a row. The 65-year-old held onto hope long enough as he had made it a habit to buy lottery tickets and finally fortune smiled at him. He enjoys his hobby although he admits to having incurred losses over the years before hitting jackpots.

International wins

With limited state-run online lotteries in India since the end of play win lotteries. A large population of Indian gamers has opted to participate in international lotteries such as Although there is a lot of competition worldwide, few Indians managed to grab the jackpots worth millions of shillings.

Here is a list of lucky winners:

Lotto 247 winners            

His excitement knew no bounds when he got an email alert that he had won the lottery in June of 2020. Lingaraju D. a retired inspector had matched 5 of the numbers correctly in a draw, a lotto 247 mega million lottery resulted to a whooping ₹3.80 crores. Had he matched the 6th number correctly he would have stood a chance of winning a jackpot worth € 298 million (the US $351 million

US Powerball winners

Nandall Mangal and Ushakiran Patel are lucky Indians who won ₹1,719 crores and ₹7 crores respectively. To their utter disbelief, a Powerball scratch made them overnight millionaires.

Mega million winners

Hailing from Hyannis, Mass., Sandeep Singh Secured himself a position in the young millionaire’s club in India when he won a mega, the 22-year old must have been one of the luckiest winners in Indian history.

From walking by the roadside to performing an act of kindness by buying lottery tickets. You might just be one jackpot win away. Although the many losses to this adored lottery game are not discussed. One must always try their luck while harboring hope in their heart. It might just be you making the news headlines.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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