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The fate of women’s rights in Afghanistan

Now a days,  My eyes are ready to shed tears at drop of a hat. My heart is ready to burst open. I try my level best not to think or talk about it but it never leaves my mind, either consciously or subconsciously. My kind friends make sure of it, that none of the gruesome details or images left from sharing. Whenever I close my eyes ,a pair of blank eyes stared back at me and I sit up drenched in sweat. A child’s helpless wails keep echoing in my ears.

I don’t know much about Geo politics , neither interested to know. I just know that these women & kids deserves better. Better than to fled to save their lives. Better than to fight for basic rights. Hell! No one deserves to be treated like a piece of meat . I salute those,who shares jokes on whatsapp regarding Taliban’s capture and after effect. Maybe , beacuse we belong from a generation who doesn’t have to lift a finger for freedom ,that’s why we do not value it. I pity those who are justifying Taliban’s acts by pointing out recent mob lynching and violence.

You can’t compare these two ,we fight for you whenever anyone point fingers on you or any act of violence happened. We in hindu dharma have right and liberty to talk against our own religion and no one will kill us or even boycott us. There are many incident with Hindus too ,but no one stood with us or stood for victims. I am not saying it to defame or spread hatred against any religion but that’s the bitter truth. Yes most of the time I feel bad when my friends target minorities . But I know in heart they will not do anything bad with anyone just because they are from other religion.But whatever happened in Afghanistan, surely scared the hell out of us.

We are worried for our future, our kids future but we also have faith that we will stand together no matter what . I know people are comparing it with migrant workers plight and all but tell me how can you even compare these two ? Migrant workers were going home, they have lost job due to pandemic and their financial insecurities drove them to travel back home. They were not fleding to unknown place least as a refugee. Their daughters and wifes were not at risk of being molested and ravaged without notice. And it could happen during any government regime . Present government’s policies or ideologies were nothing to do with it.

So stop comparing these two. Just look at the visuals coming from Afghanistan and tell me if they are remotely connected.

The fear in the eyes of Afgan women & kids cannot be compared to anything.

In these times one can feel the liberty and open mindedness of our own religion. Extremists from any religion are equally dangerous but the way people defending the gruesome act by pointing finger on our own country and government, surprises & shocked me at the same time . Rapist and extremists have no religion ,no caste and no sense of right and wrong. So be aware of what you are directly or indirectly doing, lest it’s too late.

You can protest as much you can, you can have different opinions, you can even write long post against India and its government but deep down you must be knowing that ours is a beautiful country with beautiful culture. Governments will come and go, policies will change ,places will be renamed but the integrity will remain always . The feeling of being one will remain unchanged. So,let’s pray for Afganis and their safety.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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