Tips for Crushing the College Lifestyle


What is crushing college life style?

College is a place to learn some new skills and get some knowledge. In addition to all the learning and educational stuff, there are many things linked to a college life. Everyone wants to have fun in their youth, and college is the place where you spend most of your youth life. So, it is crucial to have a crushing college life style while you’re still young. It is necessary to study, but you need to make an impact on your college too.

When you’re not having a good time in college, you may even have to go through depression or anxiety. According to the statistics, 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorder, and among those 40 million, 75% of them are college students.

The question is,

“ Why does so many college students suffer from the anxiety disorder?  ”

The answer to this simple question is due to not having a good time in college. It is necessary to adjust many things like shifting from moderate to the best diet plan and others to have a crushing college life. We will discuss it in the next section of the article.

How to have a crushing college life style?

Now, you know how crucial it is to have a great college life style, so you might want to have some tips on having a crushing college life style. Don’t worry! This article will provide you with all the tips you need to have a crushing college life style.

1. Have the best diet plan

You need to have the best diet plan to feel great right from the start of the day. Nutrition is closely linked to your physical and cognitive health. So, it is necessary to have the best diet plan for better health. The best diet plan would be:
Eat small meals frequently, but don’t overeat.
Schedule a regular meal

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Have a balanced diet, and i.e. eat food rich in variety of nutrients

2. Consistent Exercises and Workout

Do you think a man can live a healthy life without consistently having a healthy diet? The answer is, “No.” Likewise, to have an attractive body all the time, you need to be consistent in your workouts. It is necessary to visit your gym regularly. Your body reflects your personality, and with a great personality, you can have a crushing college life style. You can subscribe to some website to be regularly updated with some great tips. For an instance, the Glozine lifestyle section is always uploading some great tips to be healthy and attractive, so you can subscribe to the Glozine lifestyle section to get some new tips and ideas.

3. Have a sense of humor

Everyone loves to hang out with the person with a sense of humor. You don’t just need to focus on your studies every time because you need to have a leisure time too. In your leisure time, you just need to have fun with your friends and crack some jokes once in a while. It is not like memorizing some jokes and telling them; you just need to be natural, have a smile on your face, and crack a joke.

3. Be Stylish

Being stylish does not necessarily mean updating with the latest fashion trend. You just need to have a cool dress up. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans can make you look stylish. It is necessary to have a decent and a cool hairstyle, good apparel, you can use beauty products to remove your dull complexion and a nice gesture to looks stylish.

4. Be friendly and express yourself

Many people have the tendency to remain isolated because of their assumptions. For an example, there are some people who think that the people around him/her don’t like them, so they choose to stay away from their classmates. These types of assumptions most likely make the people isolated from their classmates. You don’t have to keep your feelings to yourself. Just be friendly and express your viewpoints to get along with your classmates.


Now you know how to have a crushing college lifestyle. You will only have your college life once in your lifetime, and once it is over, it’s never going to come back. You will have a lot of moments if you have a crushing college life.

Many people say that the best moments in their life were back from their college life. However, it does not mean that you should go out, and smoke hard or do drugs to have fun. The study shows that smoking does not reduce stress or give you pleasure; in fact, it hampers your mental health and builds up the addiction to nicotine. You can ask nonsmokers how they enjoy their life and have some ideas. So, I just want you to implement the tips listed in this article and have a great college life.

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