Top 6 ways to Organize your Jewellery at Home


Women from the childhood have huge collections of jewelry, the difference is just that in their childhood days, they were of plastic or the artificially made ones and now they are gold, silver or diamond and are costly. But one thing never changes – the feeling of pride and joy when you see a box full of Jewellery. Moreover, it is an investment for a lady that she keeps for her hard times. Jewellery is a costly item and needs to be kept safely and securely. Jewellery prices keep on changing and get high with the time whether its gold price or real diamond price it keeps on increasing and act as an excellent investment for a lady.

So here are some tips to organize your Jewellery at home:

  1. Stacking

    stacking is the best way to keep your Jewellery by avoiding its breakage or getting it lost. You can use different objects to stack your Jewellery. For earrings, you can get an earring handle box where you can stack all your earrings. And for bangles, you can use used glass bottles and can stack your bangles whether they are gold bangles or heavy bangles all can be stacked together.

  2. Jewellery box with different sections

    For small articles like rings, small earrings, nose pins, broaches, etc. you can use a plastic transparent box having different sections where you can distinguish your Jewellery and keep it safe. For e.g., gold rings all in one section and the expensive diamond rings in other section and silver one in other section. Same you can do with your earrings and nose pins so that they all don’t mix up together.

  3. Use your wall hangers

    you can pin your Jewellery at the wall by attaching it to wall hangers. It is an easy way to hang your anklets, bracelets, long earrings and necklaces without getting them broken and piled up. You can use your old hangers or can buy new from the market.

  4. Keeping them in the protective environment

    you don’t want your jewelry to become black due to oxidation. So try to keep them in boxes from air can’t pass easily and keep them safe in your cupboard and pile your expensive pieces of jewelry in different boxes so that they could be placed in a safe locker and can be used whenever you want.

  5. Use pouches

    you can use pouches to keep your heavy neck pieces or heavy bangle sets or any other jewelry items. You can use clear pouches for small articles so that you can find them out without the hustle and for the costly one you can use soft cloth potlis.

  6. Rearrange your daily use articles

    Always keep your daily use articles different from party wear article or other functional articles. You can pile them in a box and keep it in your dressing table, or you can use a fancy tray in which you can place your entire daily wear jewelry article and place it on dressing table so that you don’t have to hustle to find them from different places.

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