Top Ten Haunted Places At Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one among the most planned and beautiful cities in Northern India where people follow a modern and happening lifestyle. Apart from beautiful gardens, lake and many magnificent infrastructures the city also has few infamous and desolate sites where paranormal activities have been observed by people. So if you have a blood that doesn’t curdle as you dare to experience a haunted site then here is a list of ten most scary sites at Chandigarh.

1. Haunted House at Sector 16 – Not only Chandigarh but this site is placed in top list of scary places in the country. People have shared their experiences of being frightened in different ways by the spirit of a student who committed suicide here.

2. Kasauli Graveyard – The name is more than sufficient to describe the place with many ghostly tales. This is one of the most notorious sites for encountering supernatural powers and spirits in the neighborhood.


3. Haunted Bridge – It lies on the way to General Hospital at Sector 16 and known to be haunted by a girl dressed in white apron and lamp in the hand. She is said to be the spirit of a doctor girl who died some 20 years back after being hit by a rushing truck on the bridge.


4. Sukhna Lake – A beautiful water body on the edge of the city doesn’t feel so comforting at night as being involved in many suicides and accidental deaths during recent years it is suspected to be infatuated by some evil spirit.


5. Savitri Bai Puhle Hostel A spooky place where residing students often complain about seeing headless ghosts peeping through the windows this site can really turn any body’s head.


6. Cremation Ground – Located at sector 15 this cremation ground like many others have eerie stories of ghosts and spirits.


7. PGI Chandigarh – An esteemed medical college and hospital this place if also full of negative and paranormal energies. The hospital stores a large no of fetuses at different stages of development in glass jars and locals associate the negativity and apparitions to the same.

file pic of APC building in PGI

8. Chandigarh Railway Guest House Amidst great hue and cry at the crowded railway station there lays railway guest house with a so called haunted room where people have reported experiencing a sinister spirit that most ironically peeps inside the washroom when somebody is bathing.


9. Haunting Sati – Horrifying tales have been told by locals about this temple like place as being haunted by spirit of a sati woman who can occupy the body of anyone who bows to her.


10. Punjab University – This beautiful campus has reports of many haunted trees near botanical garden with bats and ghosts coming out at night and locals are really frantic about the situation.


P.P.S: The article is based on the information from various sources available offline and online. The author or has no intention whatsoever to defame any place or person mentioned in the article or spread any rumors so readers are requested to kindly use their wisdom before trusting or reacting to it.

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