War Of Words And Egos


In the time of war, Nation is and should always be first (before everything). Agreed. But it should be decided by the nation itself whom to ban and whom to let work.

Mr. Patekar may have experiences of fauzi life, and on those experiences, he has made certain an opinion. He is an individual as much like Salman.

No issue at all. Keep it up dude. But clear all the shit around this war hype from your head and let other decide what we will do about our cleaning.

By the way, what a nation is? A Piece of land or gourmet of its citizens living in a cohesive society we have since immemorial?

It’s we, the citizens of India, who will decide and will let parliament do that for us. That’s why we have a constitution that we created and given up our all the individual powers we have, to it. In return, we have got some rights along with some responsibilities.

So, Let us exercise the rights we have while shouldering those responsibilities.

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