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As Puneet rightly said in the Friday ka Faisla’s episode, that the first week of this show is always crucial! Those who cannot make an impact, will not last long! This is how competitive the show is! With every new season, the game gets tough and every challenge is new.

Here is a short glimpse of the entire ‘Dhamaka’ that happened in the first week of Bigg Boss, season 11.

Bigg Boss -11 Luxury Budget Task

Who is unaware of this amazing way of Bigg Boss to get in challenges to win some basic comforts at home? More than nominations, these tasks, and challenges related to the luxury budget are more discussed and people get superbly effected by these tasks. The first luxury budget task this year was amazing. It was played in parts, and the Bigg Boss decided who will play which part. The game was divided into 5 parts.

First Challenge- The first challenge was played by Zubair Khan and Shivani Durga. As part of this challenge, they had to move three catfishes from one aquarium to another. The Padosi’s challenged that they completed the task in about 7 minutes, but the BB inmates were quicker and they won it hands down. This created a small tiff amongst the padosi’s, and they understood how to play the game!

Second Challenge– The second challenge was played by Akash, Benafsha, and Bandagi. They had to bathe a donkey and then Benafsha had to feed the donkey some carrots and the inmates lost this challenge.

Third Challenge– The third challenge was played by Hina, Puneesh, and Arshi where Hina was blindfolded yet had to catch 4 hens and put them in a box with the guidance of the other two. They won this challenge.

Fourth Challenge– The fourth challenge was played by Shipla, Hiten and Vikas where they all were blindfolded and they had to touch the animal and guess what it was, they lost this challenge because Shilpa refused to touch the animal. She said she was scared to touch the animal.

Fifth Challenge– The last challenge was played by Priyank, Jyoti, and Sapna where they had to make a parrot repeat what they were saying and they failed to do so. With a score of 3 – 2, the neighbors were the winners and got the luxury budget hamper!


Usually, the nominations are a secret where the Bigg Boss calls each inmate one by one in the confession room and takes the nominations and the housemates are STRICTLY not allowed to discuss nominations. But the first nomination of season 11 was a shock as the Bigg Boss decided to take an open nomination.

The inmates were given a stamp that read ‘nominated’ and they were supposed to nominate 2 candidates and stamp their faces with it stating the reasons. This created a lot of ‘hungama’ and TRPs for the show. Everybody was upset of the nominations – some showed it and some did not. The final contestants who were nominated were Hina, Shilpa, Zubair, and Jyoti.

This was as per the majority votes of the housemates, but here was when Bigg Boss got his own twist to the nominations. He told that this was not the final nominations list, as the decisions from the neighbors were due! The neighbors were given a special authority where they could save one from the list of nominations and instead swap and nominate another safe contestant.

Using this, they saved Hina Khan and nominated Bandagi Kalra and Arshi, with a reason of her inappropriate use of language. To this, Hina was super happy but Arshiwas so upset that she refused to send tea for the so-called ‘padosi’s’ just because she was nominated!

Fights, fights, and more fights

It was an Oh My God week for the Bigg Boss house! So much drama in the first week itself! Who did not fight? Be it Vikas and Sapna, Zubair and Bandagi, Zubair and Bandagi, Hina and Arshi, Puneesh and Zubair, Vikas and Aakash! My God! The list can go on…. The fights got worse with spilling tea on the clothes, dropping ginger in the tea or hiding clothes! Foul language, shouting and accusing – was obviously there!

Have a look at the episodes to see who was the victim, who was fighting just for TRPs and who was genuinely hurt!

The storytelling challenge for Padosi’s

The padosi’s ultimately had to enter the BB house, isn’t it? But you think the Bigg Boss is going to give them a normal entry? He has given them a unique challenge – as per that, all the 4 neighbors are connected through personal relationships.

So, they have to come up with a unique storyline that will be narrated to the housemates, as though it is real! All the 4 have been given their roles by the Bigg Boss, and they just have to build upon that and create a strong foundation of the story.

The challenge here is, the story must be so real that everybody believes it. Plus, the added challenge is that all 4 should have the same answers to the questions because you never know? Who will ask what to the neighbors when they enter the house!

Opening of KalKothri

Yes! This was the real Friday ka Faisla that happened in the presence of Malishka and Puneet who were sitting outside the BB house and witnessing everything! When the show began, Aakash was found in the KalKothri, but he was soon released! But, on Friday, the house contestants had to take three names who would go to the KalKathori.

Upon a unanimous decision, the three names that were decided were quite obvious – Aakash, Sapna, and Arshi! But, hold your breath here peeps! The Padosi twist? As usual, this decision was not final and the ultimate power again went to the neighbors.

They had to swap positions by saving one contestant and pushing in another instead of that saved contestant.

They took a strategical decision and saved Arshi and sent Zubair to the jail instead! Watch the full show to see how Sapna escapes the Jail!

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