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Losing weight is all about the calories. Many of you are trying to eat less. People are doing crazy things for loss weight. Are you one of those, tried everything but still not getting a result? Don’t you have time to go gym or exercises? Don’t panic. We have a list of foods, good habits and home exercises for loss weight. Without wasting your time, let’s jump into the following summary.

Best Food habits for loss weight: –

Set your intentions and make specific goals to lose weight for the long term.

*  Don’t try to skip your meal especially breakfast, because light breakfast is the need of metabolism to start your energetic day.

* Focus on fruits, Soya products, fat-free dairy products and veggies.

*  Drink 10- 12 glasses of water in a day.

*  Coconut oil recopies can help you for natural loss weight.
* Spinach, watermelon, sweet potatoes, nuts etc are very helping foods for loss weight without any kind of weakness.

*  Prefer to boil food.

*  Get a habit to say bye to oily food, snacks or cupcakes.

*  Green tea/ lemon tea is one of effective and calories cutting diet to see the better result within a month.

Adopt above-mentioned habits to get better result or if you are hitting Gym, ask from your expert about healthy loss weight diet.

Now let’s move to workout secrets that you can do at home without hiring professional or gym expert. Generally, the home workout involves push ups, leaps, squat, planks or more exercises.

Some of these are as following: –

* Superman exercise is one of best to lose belly fat. Lay down on a flat surface in face down position. Stretch your arms and legs towards the ceiling for 30 seconds. Do it regularly.

*  Most of the People prefer to Jump Squat exercise to lose weight from thighs. Stand straight on the flat surface with stretched shoulder and bend down as much as possible. Hold your breath for 10 to 15 sec and jump to get back in relax position. When you feel sweaty, stop doing it.

*  Most of you think that push ups are only for fitness or to boost muscles. Push ups are one of best home exercise for upper fat, arm fat and thigh fat removal. If you are a girl, you can start it from knee push ups. Browse the internet videos for more challenging exercises or moves.

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