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What is digital-locker?

Recently Indian government has started the digital locker services for it’s citizen. digital locker is a dedicated storage space for your personal documents. Everyone who has Adhar number can use a digital locker to securely save his/her e-documents in it. There is also a feature of storing your e-signature that can be used to sign in digital format. Digital locer is an important part of Digital India initiative.

With the coming of digital locker the physical use of the certificate is expected to go down. It will also provides the authenticity of e-documents. With the help of digital locker administrative load on government departments and agencies can also be successfully reduced.

Files with JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and GIF formats can be easily stored in this locker. The uploaded files in it should not exceed the size of 1 MB. At present every user with Adhar Card will get 10 MB space, which is to be increased up to 1 GB in the future. It’s a kind of cloud service of Indian government.

How can you open your account?
You have to login to or to create your account. You will be asked for your Adhar Card number at the time of sign-up. There would be two options for verification, OTP based or Biometric based. In OTP method a code would be sent to the mobile number that you have saved at the time of your Adhar Card resigistration. Whereas, In biometric method a page will open and you will be asked to input your fingerprint.


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