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what we do when we live alone? Close your eyes and imagine the peaceful quiet of no roommates and no unexplained noises, smells or messes, No one with you, no one going to disturb you. You can do what you want when you want.

Some people want to keep yourself in alone. Some people feel good in a crowd. people are engaged with social media Like Google Plus, Facebook, mobile phone, television. They don’t know how to utilize own time when they feel alone

While some people might think it would be lonely to live alone, others only dream of finally finding their own space.

“There are good times and bad times … To do my job, you need to be focused and [it] helps me when I’m alone and relaxed,”

challenging the idea that people who live alone are simply antisocial or depressed. People will find her subjects relatable, seeing them simply doing and enjoying everyday tasks like reading and drinking coffee, rather than suffering in the absence of other people.
“In my World there are still a lot of people who think we should get married and have children, and if we do not meet this idea, they see us as failures…I know many people who live alone and are happy and successful. I hope that they understand that it is simply another way of living,”

Filling your free time with useful pursuits is a way of increasing your creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and sense of fulfillment from life. Using free or alone time productively can help you to overcome the inability to relax because you’re scared of “just doing nothing”. And ultimately, using free time in a way that feels beneficial to you will ensure that you feel well-rounded, engaged fully in life, and very much a productive human being.

Make a plan for your free time. Free time will only become useful to you if you’ve focused on how you’d like to use it. Simply expecting free time to turn productive, creative, or fulfilling won’t bring it about because you haven’t thought about the process needed to fill that time effectively.
Your first realization should be that it is up to you to “do something” about making your free time work better for you; it isn’t going to come from somewhere or someone else, only from your choice to make it useful time.

Your second realization is to make up your own mind as to what you define as “useful”. Relaxing, doing nothing, rejuvenating, and thinking are all “useful” activities if they lead to a better, more fulfilled life. Don’t touch your “usefulness” in terms of what you think.
Write down a list of the things you’d like to be doing in your free time. You can rank it any way you like, or treat everything as equally important on it; that’s up to you.

Keep a journal about your life and include how you’d like your life to be. Be sure to describe the activities you’re trying out in your free time, so that you can evaluate whether or not they are worth continuing to do.

Create a visualisation board that sets out the ways in which you’d like to spend future free time.

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