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Today we are going to introduce the most Versatile fitness Trainer   – Mrs. Sagarika Swain. Sagarika is a HR professional who has over 10 years of experience in corporate industry. Living and working in KualaLumpur, Malaysia since last 6 years, she is a Fitness freak and an active volunteer with Women’s Aid Organization in KL. She says, Yoga is a mind and body practice and it has tremendous benefits due to which lot of people practice yoga in their daily life.

Some of the benefits include:

 1. Reduces Stress
2. Increases Metabolism
3. Improves Flexibility
4. Builds Muscle Strength
5. Increases Blood Flow
6. Perfects Your Posture
7. Drops Your Blood pressure
8. Makes You Happier
9. Improves Your Balance
10 Helps You Sleep Deeper

Mrs. Sagarika Swain, Founder of Glamour By Sara, follows yoga as her everyday routine for 1 hr apart from doing weights and other exercises.

She says”Yoga not only makes your body fit and healthy but brings positive vibes. It makes you a better person both physically and mentally.

In our busy schedule we can try to take out at least 30 minute and try to make Yoga as a part our everyday routine. It would definitely bring positive changes in us in every aspect, she adds.

Different Yoga Poses And Benefits:

Padmasana ( Lotus Pose ):

Cross-legged yoga posture which helps deepen meditation by calming the mind and alleviating various physical ailments.


  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces muscular tension and brings blood pressure under control
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Helps pregnant ladies during childbirth
  • Reduces menstrual discomfort
  • Fights Insomnia

2. Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)

 Parvatasana is the pose in yoga that resembles the mountain therefore named as Mountain Pose- Parvatasana.


  • Improves digestion
  • Flexibility and Strength
  • Organ Booster
  • Calms Mind
  • Improves Posture
  • Strengthens the lower body

3. Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Vrksasana Vrikshasana or is a balancing asana. It is one of the very few standing poses in medieval hatha yoga, and remains popular in modern yoga as exercise


  • Improves balance
  • Improves and Strengthens posture
  • Improves in bone development
  • Calms Mind
  • Improves Posture
  • Strengthens your inner thighs and groins

4. Viparita Namaskarasana (Reverse Prayer Pose)

Viparita Namaskarasanapose is an upper body posture that helps strengthen your arms, shoulders and targets your arms and abdomen


  • Helps open up the chest
  • Aids in wrist and forearm flexibility
  • Releases tension from shoulders and collarbone area
  • Amazing counter pose for activities that require griping your hands
  • Stretches and opens tight wrists and hands
  • Reduces stress

5. Natarajasana( Lord of The Dance pose )

This posture mimics one of the dance poses of Lord NatarajaNataraja is a name given to Lord Shiva, for he used to perform a cosmic dance to rejuvenate his emotions, thus restoring balance in the universe.


  •  This posture can assist in losing weight, as you tend to burn calories during practice.
  •  It strengthens and stretches your ankles, legs, thighs, chest, abdomen, thorax, and hips.
  • This pose develops greater flexibility in your spine, shoulders, and hamstrings.
  •  Practicing consistently improves your balance.
  •  It acts as a great stress buster, calming your mind.
  • It greatly improves your digestive system.

6. Chakrasana ( The Wheel Pose )

It is an intense backward bend which creates necessary space in the spine to keep young and healthy.


  •  Spine flexibility and strength
  •  Tones the abdominal region
  • Opens up the chest.
  • Stimulates nervous system and endocrine system
  • It energizes and de-stresses you.
  • Stretches the hip while increasing hip flexibility.
  • Heart opener

7. Ustrasana ( Camel Pose )

A Sanskrit name Ustrasana means Camel Pose and is liable to give a good stretch to the back and is known to open the heart chakras.


  •  Corrects Posture
  • Shapes Up the Body
  •  Improves Digestion
  •  Stimulates Thyroid Gland
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Stress Buster
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Author: Amit Kumar

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