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Message In A Bottle: Say The Unsaid

Sometimes some things are best not said. True. But that doesn’t mean that they should not be expressed. A feeling is just like a flower, for if you don’t savor its beauty when its blossoming fresh and alive, when its fragrance is still young, then after a given period of time, its petals begin to droop, its fragrance begins to fade away, its beauty begins to vanish, until the moment, the very essence of its presence, drowns into annihilation, thereby making it cease to exist. Feelings too, are just like flowers, ignore them for some time and they begin to lose the essence of their charm.

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If you are a woman, who is the queen of someone’s heart, who is someone’s dream come true, then you are surely thinking about that very man who is the love of your life, who has made you feel special all the time. He is definitely the one who consciously defines you and subconsciously describes you in your entirety. With the occasion of Valentine’s Day around the corner, the very day that pays homage to the love that you both harbor for each other, we believe you are looking forth to a memorable culmination of love and offerings from his side, for he has always tried his best to make you feel special, but this year, you want to make sure that he is in for a treat too. Though there are innumerable Valentine gifts available on online platforms, there is one particular offering that ignited our interest, and perhaps shall do the same for you.

message in bottle

Making a selection out of best valentine gifts for him, we believe that the offering of a Message In A Bottle shall be the most subtle, touching as well as heart-warming gift present for your beau, this Valentine’s Day. Since we have already mentioned the essence of opening up to the love of your life and pouring your heart out, for suppressing feelings is quite injurious to the heart, hence with the aid of Message In A Bottle, you can write about of feelings, desire and words unsaid, place that very note in a bottle and send him on a romantic hunt to find it out on the basis of few hints that you shall provide. Trust us, when he finds it, and read what you had not yet spoken of to him, he will fall in love with the woman he deeply adores, all over again.

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A Message In A Bottle shall be the best Valentine Gift that you can provide to the love of your life. It is special, for it is as mysterious, as intriguing as the essence of love itself, and the best part is that it speaks of love that gets stuck on the tip of your tongue, but dwells in the bottom of your heart.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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