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About us

Welcome to About Yours News (YN) – A community that promotes latest news and blog updates where you can publish your own story and passionate bloggers who are existing an internet routine can move in an appropriate direction. This is what you can come across in About Yours News (YN):

  • A community of like-minded people who can discuss different news on our dedicated Forum
  • Fundamental and advanced money making procedures. It may sound cool but is very difficult.
  • Marketing tips for new entrepreneurs and different businesses.
  • The site is not restricted to just political, travel, fashion, finance and technical news but is just right for all with any kind of latest news and blog updates.
  • Complete Know-how about marketing to improve traffic, brand value and sale of the product.
  • Free Tutorials and guides to make complicated blogging simple.
  • Amazing discounts and deals for your blogs


I started the domain May 2015 by using my personal pocket money and in short span of time have created a niche in the world of news site. It was thorny, complex and tricky but I am of the view that nothing in life is served on a platter.

Something that was a dream turned out to be a reality and a life altering experience for me. In the last one year, Yours News has become a well known site for latest news and blog updates. With close to 6,0000 followers, it has made a upbeat and optimistic impact on lives of many people.

This community has today encouraged numerous individuals to be their own boss via internet.  If you have never written your own story or blogged before, this site is a powerful tool that can empower you beyond limits and you can reach out to different communities all across the world.Yours News (YN) has changed the lives of many around the globe are now making money from their News and blogs.