Preparation for Class 10 and Class 9 Foundation Courses


Students and parents become anxious when it is time for the students to appear for their examinations. This is because the entire academic career and the future of the students change at this point. The foundation courses need more attention since good preparation will keep the student confident and help in answering the questions with ease.

Select from the prepared modules

You get many ready packs for foundation course for class 10 that will help you well. These cover topics such as chemistry, biology, maths, and English in the way that you will understand easily. They follow an interesting format such as True or False, Match the following, Matrix match, Assertion and reason, subjective problems, and passage comprehension.

Use of maps

Every concept of the class 10 subject is explained in detail with illustration and interactive exercises that helps the students understand what and how each topic means. The relationships are explained through concept maps that explain where each thing belongs and why they have interactions with the other elements in the map.  Use of pictorial representation will help the student clear his or her mind and retain all the needed details easily. The pictorial maps help the students retain more things and thus learn more within a short time.

Class 9 preparation modules

If the student opts for the packs for the foundation course for class 9 then they get readymade packages. These will contain examination module type questions and enough material to help the student get through their class 9 without problems. The pattern is just like the one in class 10 package and will cover all the subjects for the students in class 9. They varied pattern helps maintain the interest of the students and this will help them understand the subject better.

Avoid negative things during preparation

Not only must the students prepare for the subject, they must learn how to avoid making silly mistakes. This is natural for all students and the ones who make the minimum mistakes score the most marks. To get through the entrance, the students need to concentrate on their subject and refresh their mind on the little things that escape their attention all the time. This is because they did not prepare well the first time and this time they must do a better job. You can score more marks by covering the subject more exhaustively.

Competition will be fierce

Since everyone is studying for the same examination, the difference between doing well and succeeding and not making it to the top is in how you approach the problem. One must develop the flow and keep up the momentum with accent on the more important details.

The result of the preparation is the success one sees when the student appears for the exam. Getting high marks results in satisfaction and prepares the student for the next step in life. The confidence is the pathway to the next destination – the goal of qualifying for the professional course at a top institute. However, the one constant companion the student and the parent must watch for is preparation. The one who prepares most will prevail over those who do not. This is the mantra for all the entrance exams. Ref-  foundation course for class 10

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