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Writing a blog post is not that easy.

Sometimes you feel hard to move even by a single word. Procrastination gets the driver seat and as the days passes by you become more ignorant. You plan and just plan, but don’t progress. You know you are having lots of scattered idea roaming inside your brain. You plan to get up early in morning and complete whole thousand word article in a single shot. But that early morning never happens. Don’t worry I have a super short-cut for you. It’s a great trick you are going to discover soon.


Before that just a small question. Are you a content writer?

Well, if you are a content writer you must accept this fact that there is whole lot of several talented writers over web. You are competing with them. So if you have to be in the race you have to work hard to improve your writing. Or you choose the easy path and drain your energy and valuable time with the poor content to reach nowhere. I am not discouraging, but it’s the truth. Writing is an art and unless you give quality time to practice in right direction you will not progress. So please read this blog only if you are going commit time for writing. You are going to discover simple rules and strategies that will bring drastic changes in your writing. Once you improve your content quality, you are going to rock. Google will help you out. It has made it very clear to penalise the sites that copies and improve the ranking of one with original content. In case you can’t commit time, then please don’t move ahead it would be full wastage of your time, better read something else.

Parkinson’s Law applies to everyone.

Well the law conveys that any work expands to fill the time allocated for it. You must have had this experience right from your school time. Whether you got two days or a week, your homework got complected on the last day. So it’s very essential for you to allot some specified time for your writing assignment say 30 minutes or 40 minutes. With time you would come to discover your best speed and time.

Put some remarkable and catchy heading.

A good heading not only gives you a good share of audience but it also motivates you to work on your piece of article. One good practice is to write various heading that pops up in your mind in the heading section of main article one below another. Then you can mix up and innovate something great out of it.

Allocate more time to first paragraph and last paragraph.

The very first paragraph of your post is going to decide whether someone will stop down to read the whole write-up or not. Always try to tell your readers what you are going to discuss about in your article in the first paragraph. Once a reader is convinced what he is going to gain out of the article his interests goes up. Last para holds the same importance. In last paragraph, you must remind your reader what important points they have discovered and how reading the whole article is going to benefit them. Give a little hint of what you are going to discuss in your next coming article.

Divide and rule.

Never set unrealistic goal like you are going to complete the whole article in a single sit up. content-writing-ideas-smIt never happens. Do some part of it now and then switch to other and return again. Ignore mistakes of any kind for later proof reading and editing session. It helps to let your thoughts come out without any obstacles. Prior to every writing task comes the following steps.

i. Deciding a topic.
ii. Researching and collecting related information.
iii. Spending time to read and acquire some idea about the subject.
Then comes the part of writing, where you follow.

i. Jotting down various options of heading.
ii. Discussing your article aim in the first paragraph.
iii. Presenting important points in the body.
iv. Finalising the last paragraph, giving brief recalling of what you have taught so far and what you are going to discuss in next article(if you plan so.)
v. Edit and revise
vi.  Proofread.

Here you go, you are ready to publish.

Connected minds

Now as you are going to finish reading this article still you didn’t find any shortcut. Well there isn’t any. You know it well. But if you go in systematic manners as discussed in the article things would become very simpler. It’s all a matter of practice, lots of practice. The more you practice the smoother, sharper and smarter you grow. All it takes to streamline the process and follow it regularly till you get habituated.

In my next post, I would love to discuss how you can speed up the various steps discussed in the Divide and rule section. There are various tools available which can boost your speed and give you an extra edge. But before that you have to practice the discussed steps. Do let me know if you have some tried or experimented with some method that helped you in enhancing your speed. And please don’t forget to tell how you like this article in the comment section below.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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