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Shilpa Rao Finalist @ Hunt Monde Mrs. India

Chennai resident, Shilpa Rao, will be seen unleashing her potential at Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2019 beauty pageant to be held in Greece in October 2019. Over 15 thousand beauties from over 15 countries participated in the auditions. Auditions happened in over 30+ cities and Shilpa was selected for the Finale from Chennai. A Haut Monde initiative, this unique pageant aims at showcasing the real facets of beauty and providing an inspiring platform for all married women. In all, 170 married women from India and all around the world will be competing for the crown in Oct’19 in Greece.

Shilpa heads a start-up within a reputed IT company for Artificial Intelligence product for fashion and grocery. Mother to 2 canine daughters, she credits her husband and father as her eternal support systems. Seeing her deceased mother’s valiant battle with leukaemia, instilled in her resilience and a strong urge to make her time on earth worthwhile. 
After achieving personal and professional success, Shilpa now feels ready to start giving back to the larger community while still continuing her work for the startup within the company. She has taken up the cause of saving lakes. “In my company, growing the product from a mere concept to 25+ patents and to a Rs.500+ cr business has taught me that with vision, belief, focus and action anything is possible. My goal is to now help bring water back to our lakes” says Shilpa. Her vision for India is to take India from a water deficit country to a water surplus country.

In the habit of approaching problems creatively, Shilpa realized that attention and help towards the cause will be mobilized greatly if one partners with the right platform. When she came across the Mrs. India Worldwide opportunity online, she immediately knew that this what was she was looking for. “Plus, I am excitedly looking forward to a better version of me through this whole expereince.”

Shilpa holds an engineering degree and an MBA in marketing. In her free time, she enjoys painting and writing personalized story books.