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Rise of OTT Platforms in India 2022

The rise of OTT platforms in India is incredible. These platforms are becoming increasingly popular among Indian audiences as alternative media to television on a daily basis. 

Now, people are internet-oriented, they prefer the internet for entertainment, like watching videos, songs, movies, serials, etc. instead of traditional television. 

This internet-oriented mindset of the audience in India has brought vast opportunities for OTT platforms. These platforms have been successful in attracting viewers to the OTT platforms and accumulating a large number of subscribers. 

Among the OTT platforms, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video are worth mentioning. They are more popular and leading OTT platforms in India. 


Netflix is an American subscription video streaming service as well as a production company that was launched on August 29, 1997. It provides a large library of daily television series and movies. 

You can enjoy unlimited TV series or films on this online platform by paying a specific monthly subscription. By 2021 Netflix has amassed 214 million subscribers across the globe. 

Of the vast majority of Netflix subscribers, 4.4 million subscribers are from India. Netflix has made a huge contribution to independent film distribution. 

You can access Netflix through any internet browser on a computer or laptop, or through Apps installed on Smart TVs, Smartphones, Laptops, Computers, etc. 


Disney+Hotstar is an Indian brand of subscription video-on-demand streaming service. Novi Digital Entertainment of Star India is the owner of this internet platform. It was developed on 11 February 2015. As of 2021, Disney+Hotstar has 43.7 million paid subscribers. 

It was launched as a streaming service,  like TV series, movies, live cricket, etc. But due to the significant trend of mobile internet in India, Hotstar rapidly replaced the dominant streaming service in the country. 

How Netflix and Disney+Hotstar are becoming alternatives to Traditional Television in India

According to the Satta Matka team at Betway the rise of OTT platforms in India is slowly starting to dominate the TV industry. Netflix and Disney+Hotstar are two of the top subscription video platforms that are growing in India with a large number of their subscribers. TV audiences are now inclining towards these online video platforms instead of conventional Television. They can enjoy their favorite TV series, films, etc. on the go anywhere that TV doesn’t support. 

The number of subscribers of Netflix and Disney+Hotstar in India is increasing day by day. According to the report, the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) will grow to 193 million by 2026. 

Netflix and Disney+Hotstar have earned 80% of the market share and subscribers by 2021. In this, the number of Indian subscribers has exceeded 57 million. These two platforms have undoubtedly challenged the supremacy of traditional Television. Netflix has become the dominant player in the on-demand media world. 

By creating attractive programming, Netflix is offering better services to the users, and as a result, Netflix’s subscriptions are increasing. On the other hand, the television world is getting disrupted due to the inclination of the audience to Netflix. It is also bringing down the cable company. 

Due to the rise of OTT platforms in India, many people have canceled their paid cable service. Apart from Netflix, Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video are also offering customized video services that are pulling Indian audiences towards the OTT platforms. 

Bottom Line 

The stated data of the rise of OTT platforms in India indicates that the future landscape of media in India will change completely, and OTT platforms will take over the media in place of conventional Television.