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Why You Should Start Leveraging the Power Of AI in Content Marketing

We live in a period of profound change, characterized by a strong push towards digitization and innovation. In fact, the decade 2020-2030, called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will be characterized by maximum technological development.

Among the many innovations in the technological field, one of those that is causing the most talk about itself is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is transforming the digital world and the relationship between consumers and brands. It is a fact; you must take this technological advancement into account in your content marketing strategy.

In Content Marketing, Artificial Intelligence is definitely a tool that adds value and improves performance both for the user and for the business. But how does it work? AI intercepts the interests and real needs of each user, even anticipating them.

Thanks to this data, it is possible to profile the ideal customers and create personalized content that captures the attention of your Buyer Persona, until they become leads and later, potential customers of the brand.

Let’s see how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing Content Marketing.

Personalize user experience

Artificial intelligence applied to Content Marketing allows brands to offer the user a personalized experience at every step of the funnel and the relationship created with the brand. Using Artificial Intelligence means intercepting a target user by proposing a real solution to his problem and this applies to every type of brand.

Even in the case of chatbots we talk about AI, since this software, based on the questions asked by the user, offers answers with the NLG language. To date, more than 85% of requests made to corporate customer service are handled by chatbots, improving response speed and customer satisfaction. Data transformed into natural language by AI also becomes written content and is used for fast and efficient editing.

Content curation and planning

Content curation means finding, organizing, annotating and sharing relevant and high-quality content on a specific topic for a target audience. This entire process is time-taking and requires a lot of efforts, but thanks to artificial intelligence content creators can save their energy. Tools like BuzzSumo help find trending topics related to your audience.

While formulating a content marketing strategy, one of the challenges that marketers face is defining the topic that will be addressed and its form (e-book, article, video). It’s actually about determining the content that will resonate with your target.

Artificial intelligence can examine for you what users are looking for, and thus predict what type of content and what topics are likely to become trending. Armed with this knowledge, you can create relevant content, effortlessly meeting the expectations of your users and eventually boost your conversions.

Improvement in the edition of the contents

When editing content, it is helpful to have tools based on artificial intelligence, because sometimes one does not have the knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of certain online communities. A content creator or editor may at some point be out of their element. It is precisely here that artificial intelligence comes into play.

A good AI software is also able to detect spelling & grammatical errors and provide style & language suggestions. The two most used text editors, Microsoft Word and Google Docs, have a more advanced level of understanding of writing texts and providing style and grammar recommendations, depending on the context.

Content review for duplication detection

This is another very useful function where artificial intelligence plays an important role. Duplicate content does not add value to your website and has a negative impact from SEO point of view since search engines penalize domains that have duplicate content. Using AI to detect duplicate content is beneficial for the content creator as it ensures that he does not fall into a penalty with Google and is able to provide authentic, original and fresh content. There are software, platforms and even plugins that help us detect duplicate content, such as Plagiarism Checker, Safecont and even Yoast, with added functionalities.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to always treat creating authentic content for your users and in turn for the search engines as an obligation, because the goal is for your brand to have an excellent reputation and your online store or digital venture to be successful.

Chatbots to broadcast friendly content in real time

Content, in addition to being differentiating and unique, has to be innovative and current. The pace at which technology is evolving, users require fast and satisfactory attention, which solves their query or dilemma instantaneously.

Although we understand that you can create articles or posts, with valuable content, but on many occasions the user does not want to or cannot wait to find an article related to a certain topic in particular. A chatbot with AI can provide them with a simple solution to their query, making the process more dynamic and fluid, and of course easier and faster. With chatbots, users can fill out a form, write their enquiry and get a reply in real time.

Chatbots like Facebook Messenger can also be used to send promotional content, as well as engage in conversations with responses in real time. They work to complement a sales process.

Customized news algorithms in artificial intelligence for content marketing

Artificial intelligence allows social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to personalize user news. Social media analyzes hundreds of variables, and can forecast which messages users will comment on, like, dismiss, or mark as spam. The algorithms are also prepared to give relevance to certain social media ads. This way users will only see the ads they might be interested in.

This information is vital for marketers. It will help you understand what kind of content is appealing to your audience. And this, in turn, will help you foster engagement with your audience. Understanding which ads your target audience will click will also help you design your own personalized Facebook ads.

Predictive intelligence

Predictive intelligence makes companies more efficient. Predicting ahead of time will always help you understand what the interests of an individual customer are. Personalizing the content is what will make you connect with your target audience and fulfill their interests and needs.

You will also be able to know who your potential customers are. It is very important to know where your potential subscribers are in each phase of the conversion funnel. Predictive lead scoring will allow you as a marketer to speed up the sales process by determining which customers are perfect to convert, based on their behaviors and interactions.

As per a recent Gartner study, “Predictive scoring can generate a very high ROI for content creators, even for users with less potential.”

Predictive intelligence also provides marketers with information on what content to create and for which customers. When brands understand where their users are in the conversion funnel (through predictive lead scoring), you can create the information you need to engage your prospects.

The important thing is that you know to which content your audience responds positively and is capable of interacting. Check out this article on Yahoo good example of how a Startup (Khojdeal) plans to nurture loyalty in customers through affiliate marketing? So, what will help you create the best content in the future and provide you with the best results.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence empowers marketers to pay more attention to their customers and serve their needs in real time. The data that the algorithms gather and produce make it easy for marketers to comprehend which content to target and which platform to use at any given moment.

The personalized experiences that AI creates make users feel more comfortable and more likely to buy what you have to offer. Of course, the best technology will help you a lot but you have to have a good strategy and know how to use it.