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Different Concepts Related To Marketing Management

In recent times, marketing has been defined by many as a concept that is not academic but has a much more practical meaning. Today, marketing is used in almost everything that you come across. This is because people need to know what is on offer from different companies and thus, marketing became a part of everyone’s life. It is often considered one of the most important aspects of business. Marketing does not only define the products and services that are put out for sale but it also defines the way in which these products and services are marketed to be able to bring about sales and thus, make profits.

Understanding The Marketing Process

Marketing is simply the process by which organizations advertise their products to consumers. It is often referred to as the first contact of any given product or service with consumers. The term marketing itself has several meanings and can mean a variety of things. For instance, marketing can refer to a method of selling any given product to consumers in a manner so that consumers do not have to make too much effort to purchase it. This is referred to as direct marketing. This can be through many platforms, even Facebook. In fact, marketing teams often look for methods to buy Facebook likes to improve the results of their marketing campaigns. 

Marketing Management

On the other hand, marketing management refers to the science of making the best use of available marketing resources to promote the sale of a given product or service to consumers. Examples of this include the use of the media to reach out to the public. There are also marketing concepts that relate to the promotion of a product or service by consumers through social marketing. Examples of social marketing include advertising social activities such as parties and festivals. These activities tend to attract a specific group of people and hence, are used to promote a product.

The above-mentioned marketing concepts are just some of the examples of the marketing concepts that have been developed over time. There exist many other concepts that are used today and this includes market segmentation. Market segmentation refers to knowing which groups of consumers would be interested in a given product or service. In the context of SEO, marketers use this concept to know what specific groups of consumers search for a given product on the Internet.

Marketing Orientation 

This is another important marketing concept that is often overlooked by marketers. Orientation is how a marketer determines where their marketing efforts should be focused. There are different approaches to marketing management and some of them include direct selling and market segmentation. However, the most common approach to marketing management is called brand orientation.

Brand Orientation 

This is the concept that revolves around how marketers analyze the characteristics of a product and its target consumers. This is followed by developing a good strategy and marketing a product concept to these targeted consumers. The product concept could be a new product or a new form of an existing product. For example, a new form of physical therapy has been developed which is used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. The product concept will need to incorporate this medical concept into a complete marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies

Marketers need to determine which marketing strategies will help them to reach their consumers. These strategies can include traditional marketing strategies such as print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, and other types of marketing strategies. With the help of such tools, marketers will be able to reach a large number of consumers. With the help of effective marketing concepts, marketers will be able to increase their consumers’ purchase intentions and profits

Keyword Marketing

This is one of the more advanced marketing strategies. As the name suggests, keyword marketing pertains to using a keyword to promote a product or service. This marketing concept refers to tracking the usage of a particular keyword over a period of time. Marketers then determine the profitability of the keyword and its potential growth in terms of traffic. The most common mistake in keyword marketing is to rank too high in the search engine result pages without focusing on the number of visitors that actually click on the site.