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Consumer Marketing Myopia

Marketing is the art and science of communicating a message to a target audience. Marketing involves the use of various media to advertise a product or service. Media can be written, visual, or auditory. There are marketing strategies used by all organizations for their products and services.

The Art of Marketing

Marketing represents the exchange of information and value between people, institutions, or companies and their target audiences. The art and science of marketing management deal with the discipline and organization undertaken in order to engage its target consumers, develop positive relationships with consumers to generate value in return, and create awareness of a product or service. These processes help an organization to achieve its goals, while also reducing risks. Websites like Jaynike are often used to add strategic metrics and boost marketing efforts. Strategic management focuses on the organization’s future goals and the methods that should be used to achieve these goals.

Marketing is used in every sphere of human activity. The market for a particular product or service is the first thing to be considered when organizing marketing activities. Market research enables companies to understand the buying habits of consumers. Through this research, companies come to know the characteristics of buyers, what they want to buy and how they buy it. These attributes are essential in order to create a product or service that satisfies the demands of the consuming public.

Consumer Marketing Strategies

Consumer marketing strategies include advertising and marketing through mass media. Advertising refers to communication about the product or service being sold to the consuming public in a format and in a way that makes it accessible to all. This format could be in the form of print, electronic, or print and broadcast media. It is often done in television commercials, in newspapers, magazines, and even on the Internet. While the objective of advertising is to sell a product, it also has other aspects like building the reputation and trust of consumers in the brand or company. These aspects help the brand to make more sales and attract more consumers.

Another important aspect of the consumer marketing concept is customer orientation. This refers to the system of designing marketing activities in such a manner that they fully satisfy the needs of the consumers. In this aspect, customer satisfaction is considered as a vital factor. A good example of a well-organized marketing concept is a customer orientation marketing concept that makes customers be the central factor while planning marketing activities.

Customer Orientation Marketing Concept 

This refers to an approach of marketing research, which involves knowing the needs of consumers, measuring them, and developing marketing strategies in such a manner that they fully satisfy their demands. An example of such a concept is Pay Per Click (PPC) concept. This concept was invented by Google and it is very popular among advertisers. The main aim of using this concept is to let the online users bid on keywords and advertisers then pay a certain amount of money every time their ad is clicked on.

Product Concept

In this concept, marketing research is focused on understanding the needs of consumers and then designing a marketing strategy based on those needs. An important example of a product concept is a restaurant concept. The food industry has emerged as a major source of job and revenue-generating sectors and many companies have started to introduce new products and services frequently to keep up with the competition.


These concepts and many more can be considered as important aspects of coordinated marketing and one should make all these aspects the core of his or her marketing strategy. If you want to increase your returns and improve your business reputation, you should hire the services of a marketing consultancy firm. It will definitely help you in defining your goals and implementing them in a planned manner. So, go ahead and hire a marketing firm for the fulfillment of your customer’s needs!