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Not Just Another 21-years Old Youngest Entrepreneur

“An idea! What is an idea?”

The 21 years old young entrepreneur and freelancer, Azhar, defines the common term in a not-so-common way, he adds, “when we look around ourselves for an inspiration, we often fail to notice the small details we have in front of us. When I was young, whenever I was inspired by something, ideas would start to bombard with a constant ticking in my mind, as to how can I work to improve my idea and how will I forge it into reality.” Those seem like some tough lines to be heard from the young boy, but, we all know experiences are what make a man. And, Azhar Khan, the founder of Nixby Media Pvt. Ltd. has quite a number of things if we have a look at his experience list.

It all started from an advice from an elder brother that if we look today has quite changed the way Azhar’s life is today.

“2009, the time when I was developing interest in computers and I didn’t had one at my home, so, I used to visit a Cyber Cafe of my friend’s to feed my technology lust and I feel proud to tell that by 2010 my first website ( got its domain registered.”, he tells with a warm smile.

“On the advice of my elder brother started to learn new programming languages, I started with HTML4 and CSS, the basic frame of my first website was based on the two languages. By this time, it was year 2013, from html4 and css, I had advanced to PHP and MySQL as well.

It was the same time when I took a drop from my High School where I was studying the commerce stream, to join Mathematics because I wanted to take my recently developed interest in the field of technology, further.”

It has been a long run till now in his journey since then, being Research Intern at the ACES Lab, IIT-K in his first year of college to name a few.

Azhar tells us that the idea of being an entrepreneur inspired him from the beginning. “In my drop year, when I was preparing to get myself admitted in a good college, we used to gather around the tea stall below our coaching and gather ideas about open up something grand, and, the fun fact is we also did. Haha.”, and he breaks into a quiet laughter. was a project Azhar started with his team in the mid of the year 2016, and the website is rebranding as the official merchandise store of YouTubers in collaboration with CarryMinati, BeYouNick and BeerBiceps; and a lot more under the nametag.

At the end of the year 2016, he came up with zCollege, an idea of digitalising the college life by increasing the interaction between the students and the college and making it better and easy for the students by taking everything regarding college online. zCollege received appreciations at the Research Convention held by the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi, and was ranked under top 15 projects.

Few ideas here few ideas there, from implementing ideas himself, to joining pitching sessions in search of angel investors for his ideas in major startup events at BITS Pilani and IIT-BHU, Azhar got a refined view of the startup culture in India. He says, “In today’s day opening or creating something is not important nor that hard, but, being consistent after starting up something is where the main focus should be at, and many people fail at this major segment.”

“Nixby Media Pvt. Ltd. was the one startup that I used to think about much and lot of my efforts have been utilised into making Nixby Media Pvt. Ltd. flourish and to make it stand where it is today. It is a DIPP approved project and is recognized under the Startup India scheme, and after this all it fills me with a feeling of pride.”, says Azhar.

Currently, Azhar is a third year student pursuing his undergrad degree B. Tech. from his all time favourite branch Computer Science and Engineering. Along with that, as he always focuses on growth and improvement, he is currently expanding the company with new exciting projects with his team.