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BPaaS – Delivering Value Through Uncertainties in the Manufacturing Ecosystem

As the digital era continues to bring new capabilities for manufacturers, their partners and end customers naturally keep expecting more value. Digital technology has raised the bar across entire value chains. However, experience remains the key and it helps companies deliver their best. Therefore, when it comes to improving or competing, what matters most is smooth translation of plans into action. Let us look at the common impediments and how technology is being used to move forward in the manufacturing world.

Uncertain conditions

Today’s supply chains have to outperform their competitors under uncertain conditions. There may be geo-political circumstances, erratic macro-economic cycles of growth, contraction, and recovery, in spite of which products have to be tailored to customer needs. It is a challenge for companies to predict order flow and manage multiple micro deliveries. Higher costs, at times, are inevitable.

A flexible and responsive supply chain, which optimizes the demand-supply cycle, is necessary, but rather difficult to ensure with consistency. Companies need to deliver their products and services with perfection, that too within stringent timelines and with high service levels. Seeing no room for error, companies have started automating their processes to a large extent. With cloud technologies gaining ground everywhere, companies are looking at a more service-oriented approach to maximize their margins.

Responding to markets and making it look easy

Rather than offering only one packaged application that includes business logic, data, and processes, manufacturers are selecting process applications not tied into any single application. They are relying on the BPaaS concept, as it allows any business process to be delivered as a service over the internet. The deliverables become securely accessible through role-based interfaces.

BPaaS, a stack of infrastructure, applications processes, and people¬, all delivered from a single provider needs to be continuously improved and updated by the BPO provider. That concept remains at the forefront of technology while it is consumed “as a service”.

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However, users of such services need to undergo transformation to integrate their operations. While future proofing is perhaps the most eye-catching advantage of emerging BPaaS offerings, they also achieve more fundamental and traditional goals with greater efficiency than was possible in the past. With BPaaS, businesses get to move away from cap-ex to op-ex for business-case calculations. With BPaaS, you pay as you go even within the walls of enterprise and extended value chains. Business processes can be used in a hybrid manner as well.

BPaaS integrates service, process, application, and infrastructure. This capability enables companies to carry out activities effectively. They can facilitate delivery of products and services and business processes can really be automated, including managing emails, shipping a package, or managing customer credit.

Client satisfaction and a better way out

Effective BPaaS comes with clients benefitting from insights, helping them discover valuable information for doing better. A fully integrated system, designed ground-up by a single provider, can be upgraded with little difficulty to counter the persistent challenge of unpredictability. It brings exceptional scope for useful data collection, and as BPaaS matures, it becomes easy to discover what customers need.

Designed to be service oriented, BPaaS comes with well-defined interfaces. In addition, BPaaS is standardized. Due to the fact that such a technology is much more optimized to deliver services consistently, it can leverage automation, standardization, and repeatability for the way services should be used and delivered.

If you are looking to improve the way your manufacturing value chain delivers value, you need to focus on an ROI-based approach and optimize your supply chain network indisputably. You may rely on industry-tested solutions, which will support you in overcoming the challenges of unpredictable and dynamic markets without burning a hole in your pocket. Remember, the only way out is a solution that eliminates the need to invent new ones every time new circumstances emerge.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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