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Ford GT 2017 Price and Release Date

A brand that is known for class and capability and a car that has mesmerised the viewers with its stunning look and futuristic design is almost ready to roar on the roads. Here we are talking about Ford GT 2017.

At the 2015 North American International Auto Show and at the unveiling of Forza Motorsport 6, a new Ford GT was introduced and is set to be produced and released in 2016.

How much is Ford GT 2017?

Ford GT is the second-generation version of Ford’s GT limited-production super car introduced back in 2005. There is hell new reports regarding the price and release date and here we have discussed them in detail.

Ford GT 2017 Price

The exquisite super car Ford GT 2017 will cost around $400,000 to $450,000. The Ford Team has also maintained the exclusivity of the car by launching limited number of cars in the market. So everyone who wishes to buy this car will not be able to do so even if they have the amount of money to invest in owning the car. Ford has decided that the initial down payment of the car will be 50 percent of the final price i.e. around $200,000 to $225,000.

Ford GT 2017 Release Date

Ford has planned to launch limited number of cars in the upcoming four years. Initially they planned that they will launch the cars in the upcoming two years only. But after receiving a huge number of applications, they revised their decision and decided that they will continue to launch 250 cars per year for 4 years till 2020.

The window of purchase application for 2017 is already closed by 12 May 2016. Ford received 6500 applications within that time frame. For Year three, the waiting list candidates will be given the preference and for year four, the application will be open again in early 2018.

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The 2017 Ford GT is basically the fastest road-legal Ford in the series. The 2017 Ford GT features excellent all-round stats for its class, with awesome acceleration, supercar-class handling, best-in-class top speed (though inferior to the McLaren F1), and decent braking. Its top speed is higher than any Ford car in the series which is capable of speeds up to 228 mph (367 km/h).

The production of the car is already rolled out in the last December from the plant Markham, Ontario, Canada. From the beginning of December 2016, Ford planned to build the GT at a rate of one car per day until October 2020 and 2017 and 2018 model year vehicles will be reserved for selected GT buyers.

2019 vehicles for buyers passed over in the initial selection process, and 2020 vehicles for new customers. The new cars will be soon delivered in the early month of the year to the lucky people whose applications got selected.