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Pearls of Munnar – A Guide to Souvenir Shopping in the City

With an astonishing assortment of amusement choices, Munnar welcomes a wide range of travelers looking for an impeccable holiday, youngsters who need to revive their spirits, honeymooning couples, brave bikers and solo travelers. It is one naturally bestowed place, well known for its tea manors and is genuinely a heaven for any tea epicurean.

Additionally, the wickedly flavorful handcrafted chocolates, loved by both youngsters and grown-ups are a hit amongst tourists here.


The Munnar tour packages are like little packets full of bliss. They might look small, but once you open these, it’s all a merry experience. So after you have covered each and every vital aspect of your Munnar trip, it’s time for some shopping. After all, you need to take back souvenirs, and from Munnar, you definitely cannot afford to go empty handed, right? So keep in mind to buy the following treats on your way back home from Munnar. Your folks would love you for these, seriously!


Ever pondered where the spices you use everyday come from? Munnar, India’s spice library, gives you an opportunity to stroll through the lavish spice estates and take home the finest quality of spices, literally fresh from the ground. The twelve assortments of spices including garlic, ginger, cardamom, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, tea, clove, coffee and nutmeg are produced in Munnar and its neighboring towns. So if you are visiting Munnar, then you should definitely grab these freshly produced spices from here to not only get the freshness and aroma at whatever point you utilize them, but also so that you remember your blissful trip to Munnar whenever you are cooking something.


Tea is the best souvenir that you can purchase from Munnar. This world famous drink has been cultivated and produced in Munnar since the time of the Britishers, who actually started with this. No doubt that you can easily get tea from anyplace in India, but the tea that you will find in Munnar is way better in quality and texture.  After all, it’s straight from the horse’s mouth (not literally!). Munnar has been honored with one of the world’s best tea estates which deliver fine assortments of tea including the Black tea, Green tea and Oolong tea.

Locally Produced Chocolates

Here comes the yummiest thing to purchase. Chocolates! Chocolates are something which you can have anytime, anyplace and in any amount, and every time you have them, the experience is just ecstatic. Munnar is famous for producing the finest handmade chocolates with a plethora of assortments, such as dark, white, nut-filled, alcohol filled, and a lot more. A packet of a kilogram of chocolates cost somewhere between INR 200 to INR 400. Grab your bag!

The credibility of these things will always remind you of your visit to Munnar and every time you will thank the Munnar Tourism for bringing this naturally sound hill station in the light. These knick-knacks make for amazing presents for loved ones back home. Have a wonderful trip!