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Grand Finale, Indian Ethnic Queen 2022

Ethnic holds the elegance no other attire does. It portrays you as a strong, confident, and beautiful woman that you are. Indian culture gives you an immense amount of pleasure and power that you never knew you had.
Glamour By Sara, Malaysia successfully completed another show Indian Ethnic Queen 2022.

During this journey the 17 finalists from 7 countries India, Malaysia, Dubai, USA,Australia, Canada and  Hong Kong participated out of which 11 could reach to the Grand Finale.They groomed by different coaches from India and abroad which helped them to enhance their personality and be a better version of themselves. They had to go through different tasks, to showcase their learning from these sessions, and their creativity. These tasks were uploaded in their respective social media handles and were rated by judges.

The Semi Finale round were Ramp Walk Round, Beauty with Purpose Project, and Talent Round. All the finalists put their best to showcase their talent.

All of them did their part to serve their society that was the goal of BWPP.

BWPP not ends here, it will be carried further in their lives for the betterment of the society and creating a powerful and positive impact.

The Grand Finale happened on virtual platform on 28th May 2022. Being an international show it got highly recognized across the globe with many viewers supporting and encouraging all the 11 finalists, who could reach to the finale.

The show was liveon Zoom and live streamed on FB.

Here we go with the list of winners and subtitle holders.

Nidhi Mehta from USA- Title Winner of Indian Ethnic Queen, Mrs Confident, Beauty with Purpose Award.

Arpita Basak from Hong Kong- 1st Runner Up, Mrs Gorgeous, Mrs Tech Diva

Kavita Yadava- 2nd Runner Up, Mrs Social Butterfly, Mrs Congeniality

Aayna Kaur: Mrs Photogenic

Deval Joshi: Mrs Intellectual

Meghna M Srivastava: Mrs Vivacious

Mohana Sravani: Mrs Talented

Nalini Sharma: Mrs Glamourous Look

PurviSoni: Mrs Shining Star

Sunita Behera: Mrs Perseverance

Vaishanvi: Miss Fashion Icon, Miss Rampwalk

The main motto of the show was to empower women and embrace our Indian culture. 

The Grand Finale rounds were introduction round and Q & A rounds.

The four jury members in the show were:

MeenalDrockz from Canada- She is an Influencer, Coach, Model, an IT Project Lead.

Sri Vidya from USA -Founder of Mayukha Boutique

Arti Gupta, Mumbai – Co Founder of StyleNook

 Sayanti Sen, Mumbai-Founder of swa.DAZE

All the jury members an amazing experience judging the finalists throughout the 2.5 hr show.

We had some guest singers and one guest dancer from Hong Kong.

Snigdha Mukherjee- Guest Singer

Mahasweta Majumder-Guest Singer and

Parul Gupta-Guest Dancer

The founder, host and organiser Sagarika Swain (Sara ) says” all the finalist had put lot of effort to reach here, not only that the Beauty with Purpose Project of everyone emphasise on bringing a positive change for the society.”
Glamour By Sara is all set to launch Season 2 of Miss & Mrs Saree Queen 2022.

“The platform aims at showcasing that woman today are strong and beautiful. Hard work and persistency lead to success. The age is not an obstacle to stop dreaming, you just need to give some time to yourself, and this positive transformation will help you to believe in yourself” Sara adds.