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Know about Body-Shaming – What Is It?

Each day , we are hypnotized with the concept that being beautiful is the cure for everything and that life just seems to work out for someone who is fit and attractive.

Even a tooth paste advertisement portrays a ‘perfect 10’ lady whose only job is to play a mother, who wakes up her child for brushing his teeth. Was that figure required? How many of our moms managed to look so??

Why aren’t the advertisers,  advertising reality ?? Don’t you agree with me that it’s a typical case of body shaming?? What difference would have it caused to the sale of the product, if the lady in the mother’s role was fuller in shape????

Who you are and how you value yourself is pivotal to architecting your own personal happiness. Some people are not only comfortable with being overweight; they actually prefer it.

And if health issues are not a problem; and esthetics is not psychologically bothersome, many people live very productive happy lives inspite of their flaws.

It is less about the quality of reflection and more about the perception of what is being reflected; and that varies on a case by case basis. If the reflection brings sadness or anxiety, it is time to get motivated to lose weight….

It will give you a brand new lease on life and a positive empowered attitude when you finally love everything you see in the mirror each morning!!


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