Why Hostel Life is the Best phase of your Life


Studies or work are two of the major reasons that people choose to stay away from home. It is definitely not easy to adjust with strangers living in the same room. Moreover, you have to leave the familiarity and comforts of your home. Nothing spells adulthood like living in a hostel. However, all said and done, it ends up being one of the best phases of your life. Here are some things that will make you remember those days fondly:

Friends for Life

You learn to make friends with ease, and those friends will be for life; after all who knows all your dirty secrets and keeps a tight lid on them except your buddies! These friends are your parents and siblings, your agony aunt, money lender as well as muscle when required.

Art of Money Saving

There is always a cash crunch when you stay in a hostel. Money lending is how people survive in the hostel, this also leads them to learn new methods of saving money. Corners are cut where needed, and people find new techniques to save money.

No Longer a Fussy Eater

Everyone who is a fussy eater deserves to stay in the hostel to get rid of this habit. Having food from the mess makes every food you’ve ever had seem far tastier. You get a chance to appreciate your mother’s cooking way more once you’ve stayed in a hostel and eaten mess food.

Enhanced Managerial Skills

More often than not you have to arrange things at a short notice and you are able to get it done because of your experience of doing the same in your hostel life. Be it notes, clothes, accessories, money or anything else, you have been there, done that.

Ishi Agrawal

Ishi is a Professional Content writer and an Editor. She loves curating articles on various niches to spread awareness among her readers based on her research. When she is not writing, she loves baking and is a professional chocolatier.

She researches not only on technical niches but has also written many blogs on fashion, travel and self-help.

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