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Best Places to Travel in India for Yoga and Meditation

Stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance, low diet etc are all words very well known to us and things we hear almost every day from one person or other. Is it not necessary to relax our body and mind from time to time? So what better than travel, and adding to that a lot of yoga and meditation is fun and healthy with lots of care and time for your own self.

With a great past with both yoga and meditation, our own country, India does not fail to impress us with some amazing places to visit for the both! So let us have a glimpse at the best places to travel for yoga and meditation –


This beautiful place on the floor of hills, located on the banks of river Ganges is one of the best places for yoga and meditation. The city is home to many ashrams. With devotees from across the world, the environment becomes suitable for meditation and gives complete harmony to the travelers. With one of the most influential Hindu pilgrimage, this place has serene forests nearby which are also major tourist attractions. The morning and evening Ganga Aarti at the banks is one of the significant things to catch here. The place is a major must visit for all seeking peace in the form of yoga and meditation.


Located in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, this place has an unconditionally unwinding and calm environment. The natural beauty here helps one to attain the main motive of yoga and meditation – Self Discovery.  The city has some internationally acclaimed meditation centers like Vipassana Meditation center, Dalai Lama meditation center, Tushita meditation center and more. Meditation in various cults can be practiced, like the drop-in guided meditation or the longer formal courses in the art.


The purple valley has served for the modern yoga craving of the people. They provide the latest trend of free WiFi and detox juices. With self-practice sessions to special classes, this place does its best to encourage beginners. They include philosophy, yogic living, kirtan and pranayama in their teaching. With this, they also provide ayurvedic doctors and massage therapists for the overall development of the people. The place almost fulfills all the needs of a yoga and meditation center and proves to be the best for the travelers.


One of the choicest places with just the apt climate and ambiance, this becomes a must visit for all yoga freaks. With an astonishing Shreyas Retreat center, spread over 25 acres of greenery and water bodies, this place makes a beautiful arena for yoga and meditation. The place helps in self-discovery and helps people indulge in fun activities with an opportunity to pamper yourself. The comfort level matches a 5-star setup, with a spa, organic vegetarian food, community service and a lot more. The positivity at this place makes it a big yes to visit!


This beautiful city located in Tamil Nadu, South India offers an organization for inner growth called the Isha Yoga Center. Located in the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains, this place attracts visitors from all over the world. The people come here and meditate for inner peace and growth. Year-long courses are offered here with the astounding residential area, where people stay voluntarily. The positive vibes of this place tempt everyone to stay more and learn more from the center as well as the environment of the city.

India is known worldwide for its meditation retreats. India being the inventor of yoga and meditation, it is a dream destination for the people seeking the peace of mind. It is not only for the flexible if that’s what stopping you from trying it. So head to these place in India and indulge in the holy practice of yoga. Let it heal your mind, body, and soul while you fall in love with taking care of yourself.

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