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Banana To The Rescue – Health and Fitness Tips

No more hassle with strenuous gym plans or hard core diet regimes. Wheel your way into a thin you with just bananas and a couple of more ingredients, which will be found in your kitchen. The scientists suggest that, for the body maintenance, it is advised to lose only 2 pounds a week. So the diet plan should only be supporting that. Banana will surely find its way in your diet plans.

Calorie Content: The calorie content of a banana is very low, the reason why is it is adopted in many diet plans. On an average the calorie intake should be between 500 to 1,000 calories. Banana has low calorie content and is also filling, helping you plan your diet within the given calories.


Fiber and Starch: Bananas are rich in fiber and resistant starch, which helps in two ways. It helps in weight loss and in bettering our digestive system. The fiber content in the banana helps in slowing the digestion process, which makes you feel full.


Low Energy Dense: The problem with eating high energy dense food is that the package comes with calories. Banana is low energy dense, which means that you can eat many of bananas to fill your stomach, while the calorie intake is still less.

All that it comes down to is that for a proper dieting to work, one must take proper care of their body, with providing the body with energy, not much calories. Bananas are the perfect food to include in your diet.

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