What is like to have kids later than the expected years?


Not many have the need or the necessity to have children before they hit 30s. The reason could be because they want to focus on their career or because of financial issues. People however, talk about how it is, to have kids over the age of 30.

People generally assume that, as you age, the chances of having a healthy and happy child are low. The reason for this belief is the depletion of the vital functions of the body that comes with age.


Science proves them wrong however. Age doesn’t always determine how healthy your baby is going to be.

Here are some thoughts of some older parents.

* Some feel that, having a child and making a family at an older age makes them more responsible, helping them care better.

* Many parents feel that, waiting to have a first child, even if it means becoming a parent in their late 30’s, feels like the right thing to do. They feel ready for the commitment.

* It gives them a choice, and allows them to live life the way they want to, before the baby comes along and have no time for anything except parenting.

* Some kids do agree that having an older parent at their young age does help them grow, with wisdom. They however, do worry that they might lose their parents too, at a younger age.
Having a child in your older age is completely healthy and normal, even advisable, as you truly know what you’re looking for.

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