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Ten Best Orthopedic Hospitals in India

India has some of the finest hospitals in the world. There are some great hospitals which offer world class quality in the specialty of orthopedics.

The top 10 orthopedic hospitals in India are:

  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Delhi: This hospital provides high quality patient care and is engaged in research and education. The orthopedics wing is simply the best.
  • Treatment in all specialties
  • Facility of bone bank
  • Research initiatives funded by ICMR and CSIR
  • Well equipped and modern unit for physiotherapy
  • Expert surgeons and doctors.
  • All round care
  1. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai:The right hospital if you are seeking top quality care for all your orthopedic aliments. You will be treated by a highly professional team of doctors.
  • Special units for bones, joints, muscles and tendons.
  • Expert team of doctors, nurses and paramedics
  • Provision for multi-disciplinary consultation
  • Over 3000 surgeries carried out annually
  1. Sancheti Institute of orthopedics, Pune (SIOR): Launched in 1972, this hospital pioneered orthopedic care in Pune. The focus of this institution is patient care and satisfaction. Hi-tech infrastructure, ethical practices and expert doctors are its forte.
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • ISO certification
  • Agents and translators for foreign patients
  • Free medical camps for the poor.
  1. Indian Spinal Injuries Center, Delhi:An advanced center for orthopedics specialty, it has world class equipment and expert doctors. It provides comprehensive care for all aspects of orthopedics.
  • Spread over 15 acres
  • Well equipped ICU’s
  • 145 hospital beds
  • Hi-tech facilities for diagnostics
  1. Christian Medical College, Vellore:Specializes in different aspects of Orthopedics. It has excellent facilities and expert team of doctors and surgeons.
  • Over 6000 surgeries annually
  • Round the clock emergency services
  • Top class infrastructure
  • Dedicated doctors and nursing staff.
  1. HOSMAT hospital, Bangalore:Renowned for specialist orthopedic treatments like sports medicine. It has latest equipment and perfect infrastructure.
  • Has 350 hospital beds
  • Efficient conduct of orthopedic surgeries
  • ISO 9002 certified
  • Advanced facilities
  1. Sparsh hospital, Bangalore:Conducted many number of orthopedic surgeries. As per name, it provides quality care and treatment.
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Internationally reputed surgeons and doctors
  • Holds free camps for the poor.
  1. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMR), Chandigarh:The orthopedics wing of the hospital is world renowned. It stays in sync with international developments for orthopedic treatment.
  • First hospital to conduct joint replacement in North India.
  • Provides all specialties related to orthopedics.
  • Clinic for sports medicine
  1. Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore:Specializes in treating complex orthopedic needs of patients. Has quality care and excellent facilities.
  • Has 520 hospital beds
  • Variety of orthopedic treatment
  • Accredited by NABH.
  • Uses high end technology
  1. MAX Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi:It provides excellent service in various specialties including orthopedics. High quality medical treatment is provided at affordable rates.
  • Quality care
  • Comprehensive orthopedic treatment
  • Round the clock pharmacy, laboratory and emergency services

These are the ten best hospitals in India for orthopedic treatment. Even in 2016, AIMS, Delhi continues to be the best orthopedic hospital in India. If looking for any type of orthopedic treatment, do consult the doctors here.