Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Bay Area For Free


You will never run out of things to do in the Bay Area. It is impossible to be bored here!! So long as you have the will to want to try things and have fun, there will be no dearth of activities for you to try out.

However, doing things outside also costs money! A lot of the times people forgot wanting to try new classes or indulge in their hobbies because of the money factor. Well not everything costs money. Here are the top 5 things you could in the Bay Area free of cost!

Yes you heard me..Free of cost!! So get your notepad out and take a note of these events:

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1) Kaiser Center Roof Garden Concerts in Oakland: Every Friday from 12-1 pm there are open air concerts held at this center. These concerts are absolutely free and open to anyone interested in spending an afternoon enjoying music. The concerts feature artists from various genres like jazz,blues, hip-hop etc. There is a little something for every music lover here.

2) Williams-Sonoma Cooking Classes: For all the budding Martha Stewarts out there, Williams Sonoma offers free classes on cooking and various other topics like art of using leftovers, gluten-free cooking etc. A proper cooking class can cost you a lot of money. All this is free so it is definitely worth a shot to try out some of these classes. Some of their classes are charged, so you can choose a class based on what you are looking for.

3) Berkeley Public Library: For the nerds out there, Berkeley library offers many free classes and events like computer classes for beginners, book groups etc. All these classes are useful and to top it off, FREE! You can check their website to see the schedule of events and classes and go accordingly.

4) Fun Cheap SF: This website is a great resource for people looking to do fun things on budget. They list all the upcoming fun events in the Bay Area. A lot of these events are free and the rest are very cheap. Explains their name!

5) Local Museums: The Bay Area has plenty of museums all over that are always free. Museums are a great place to go spend some time. It is educational and a constructive utilization of your time.( If you are into that kind of a thing). There are websites that list all the free local museums in the Bay Area that you can refer to before planning your trip to one of them.

Don’t know what to do this weekend? You can start with these 5 things!!!

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