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8 Tips to Ace your CBSE Class 12 Maths exam

Math is a subject that has always divided the students into two groups – one that loves the subject and the other that dreads it. However, there is nothing to be afraid of math if you understand the concepts and practice regularly. In fact, with enough practice and hard work, and a bit of help from NCERT Solutions Of Class 12 Maths, you can ace your board exam easily. Read on to know more! 

  1. Understand the latest pattern of the math paper 

A student needs to have complete knowledge about the pattern of the math paper. As per the sample papers in the CBSE portal, there will be 38 questions sectioned in two parts – A and B. Part A has sectioned I and II, and sections III to V are in Part B. 

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  1. Take a close look at the math syllabus 

Students need to know about the exam pattern, the revised CBSE syllabus, and the NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Maths. Along with the solutions, you need to study the NCERT book thoroughly. 

  1. Go through the sample CBSE papers. 

Apart from the NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Maths, the board also releases sample papers every year. As the exam pattern isn’t the same anymore, the sample papers will come in handy to give you an idea of the question types. 

  1. Make notes regarding formulae and theories. 

You need to learn all the concepts, theories, and formulae by heart to solve NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Maths and excel in your exam. Therefore, it would be best to remember the formulae you learnt in class XII and previous classes.  

  1. Create a timetable for yourself and stick to it 

You can score well in math only when you practice it every day. It is not a subject that you only study only twice or thrice a week. Therefore, create your timetable and allocate at least two hours to math daily.

  1. Clear all your doubts on time and don’t delay 

Note down all the concepts and theories that you have doubts about. Then, talk to your teachers or look at NCERT Solutions Of Class 12 Maths to solve the issues, rather than delaying doubt clearance for the last minute. 

  1. Practice gets you the perfect score in math. 

When getting high scores in the subject, you need to solve previous years’ question papers by consulting NCERT Solutions Of Class 12 Maths problems. Also, use mock tests to sharpen your math skills. 

  1. Take sufficient breaks between studies. 

Make it a point to take small breaks after every three hours of studying. In this time, rather than playing computer games or watching TV, go out and take a walk to listen to some music to relax your mind and rest your eyes. 

So, put your heart and soul into math practice from today and excel in your exam!