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Is Cricket Betting Easy? Everything you need To Know About Online Cricket Betting

Betting as an industry has flourished humongously over the years, more so because it has now extended in the online space,where betting did not only become more accessible but also widespread. Betting had been introduced to sports cricket betting is one of the most notable ones. However, as glamorous as it may look, cricket betting is not really easy. Some basic strategies should be followed by the bettor to be successful. With10 live in India,the betting experience of the Indian bettors should surely be much more sorted. There’s an awful lot of options for the punters to explore and feed their desires for the betting adventures.


The art of betting comes with practice. Betting is definitely a concoction of understanding the market better along with huge amount of experience. The only way to garner enough experience is to try out more than one bookmakers. One should start off to find out one’s style of betting. Once comfortable, one should definitely form more than one account. With multiple accounts, the bookmaker offers tempting “Free Bets” and “Specially Enhanced Oddseach time a new account logs in. The overall profit maximizes to quite some amount by this method. This process also helps the bettor to compare the odds, and to choose the right bookmaker and to place the right bets is extremely important as that is what reflects as profit or loss at the end.


The industry is an extremely dynamic place. It takes no time for it to change completely. So, a full backed up research is essential for every bettor before beginning the betting. Researching about the trustworthy websites, followed by a closer inspection of the same, regarding its profit margin, the odds, the payment portal, Sportsbook Reviewetc., help in a person’s assessment of the website. Quick payoffs and the payment gateways are very important features of any betting site. The common payment gateways are Western Union, Bitcoin etc.


The score table is the most important thing to give the bettor a better idea about the winner’s odds. It never fails, be it soccer, or cricket or basketball. However, since it is sports and anything can literally happen, one must always keep an eye on the current trends and player forms. There may be a team trudging along the lower end of the score table but has shown a commendable shift in player form and has one-star player. This can easily upturn their loss into victory. The deciding matches are always the last three or four matches, which had the potential to topple over the league table in the end. The head to head records are also important. A rivalry can cause a more knit game than what is suggested. Thus, an analysis is to be done before placing the bets.


The strategies, so formulated for cricket matches can be utilized for test matches and ODI matches. What is to note here is, always what glitters is not gold. The crowd bombards with the cheers of the big opening batsman and the market is always very uptight about him. However, it may so happen, that betting a rather less popular batsman, coming third or fourth in order can get the job done. The second situation would mean dividing the stake of odds into two halves rather than rooting for one batsman and getting devastated if he has an ill form.


Bowling markets can mathematically or if more appropriately put, statistically assessed. The targets of the bowlers will be different for different formats. To take as many wickets as possible, is what bowlers concentrate on, while in one day match the goal is to keep the overall run rate low. The limited overs in the one day match makes it a completely different kind of deal for the fielders. Bookmakers’ job is to give the bettor a range of overs for the fall of  wickets. If the fielding side is expected to hit early with their best pace attack one should go low in the range provided. However, when the job is to keep the run rate low as in ODI, it is always advised to go high on the markets.


The basic bankroll is the money that is staked at first, and no matter what one mustn’t lose that, or it is over. However, to understand what the appropriate bankroll should be, one has to understand the mechanics of betting for that game. Regarding payoffs, one should always check if the the website they’ve logged in, provides instant payoff or not.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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