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Anklets, popularly known  as Payal in Hindi, are one of the best examples of fashion jewelry almost every woman adores. Most anklets are made of silver and for good reason. There are many popular beliefs associated with the benefits of wearing silver anklets. As per Hindu traditions, gold is considered an auspicious metal and hence should not be worn in your feet. Therefore, silver is a popular choice of metal used to make accessories for the feet. In the past, women used to wear silver anklets during celebrations, festivals and wedding ceremonies.

However, this fashion accessory has gained its place in everyday fashion as well. They are not attractive only because of the glimmering silver metal but also due to the melodious sound they produce. Apart from making your feet look pretty, silver anklets provide several benefits. Some of the many reasons why women wear silver anklets:

  1. To maintain positive energy in the body- Indian women love to wear a lot of gold jewelry in their day to day life. This gold jewelry is believed to produce a large amount of electric current in their bodies. Silver anklets neutralize this current and maintain the flow of positive energy in the body. These anklets are also helpful in preventing the inflammation of feet and soles, allowing woman feel energetic and capable of working on their feet. You can try the silver anklet designs, which will not only make your feet look beautiful but will also generate positive energy.
  2. Increases the strength of bones- It is believed that, by wearing a silver anklet you can increase the strength of your bones. This is due to the continuous friction generated between the anklets and bones of the feet. You can find many beautiful designs of silver anklets in the collection.
  3. Completes your look- This beautiful silver jewelry option attracts women due to the variety of patterns and designs available. Nowadays, designers are making many innovations in this category of fashion jewelry. Mickey Mouse Charm holder Anklet is an excellent example of a modernized and quirky silver anklet. The anklet can hold your favorite charms and add a fun element to your outfit. Such accessories enhance your enhance even the most basic looks.
  4. Removes negative energy from the house- The trend of wearing anklets has a traditional background. It started with the thought that the sound produced by anklets will remove the negative energy from the house. This made the use of silver anklets necessary for women since they stayed at home more than men.
  5. Cure gynecological problems- It is a belief that, wearing silver anklets helps significantly in resolving gynecological problems. These problems include hormonal imbalance, infertility, menstruation-related disorders and many others. Anklets also help in getting relief from weakness and pain. If you don’t like to wear heavy designs and want to wear anklets for the health purpose, then Simplicity Chain Anklet or the beautiful Music of the Sea Shell Anklet are great options.

Silver anklets are extremely popular among women due to these reasons. Nowadays, women are purchasing silver anklets online as well due to a wide variety of beautiful contemporary and modern styles of silver anklets these online stores offer.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat