Engineer’s Day special – Inspiring story of man behind Honda Corporation

It’s story of 1938 when Mr. Honda of Japan was a poor student, whose only dream was to make a piston ring and sell it to Toyota for a good sum of money. In the daytime, he used to go to school and at night he would design piston ring.

He invested all his money in this work. After marriage, he sold all the jewelry of his wife for this work. At last, he finally made his a piston ring, but Toyota rejected it. Mr. Honda was badly hurt and became very sad. He had lost all his money to peruse this work, but he didn’t give up. For the next two years, he worked hard and improved the design of the piston ring. Once again he rushed to Toyota with his new design.

This time, Toyota found it very useful, bought his designed and assigned him with a big order. He started the manufacturing the piston rings. But a catastrophic event took place, the American fighter plane destroyed his factory by bombardment. He lost everything except hope and dare, he then thought of a new idea.

He penned down a letter to each bicycle manufacturer of Japan telling them that he has an idea to bring back Japan on development track once again. He has designed a motorbike, which would be cheaper and people can use it to commute from one place to another. He requested them to invest in his company. Around 3000 of the total 18000 manufacturers invested in Honda.

He produced the bike but has to once again improve it’s design and make it lighter. Finally, the was a big hit in the market, rest is a history that you know it better. At present Honda Corporation employs more than one lakh employees and stands at a similar position as that of Toyota.


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