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Sex in old age: Bad for Men, But Good for Women – study

A study revealed that sex in old age can bring some disastrous result for men. On the other hand, the same for women can be immense beneficiary. After a mass scale survey and analysis, it has been found that men who does regular sexual hormonal discharge at an old age becomes prone to cardiovascular attacks, when compared to that of a person who is not enjoying sexual relationship at an old age.

The survey also revealed that women, with their hormonal discharge at an older age reduces the chances of physical damage. The report also suggested that women who discharges sexual orgasms on daily basis finds less diseases than that of the women who don’t. The stress they develop during a day and the other mental stresses are all released with the secretion of the orgasms on daily basis. Even the hormonal discharges that take place, reduces the pressure on their hearts.


For male, cardiovascular pressure experienced from hormonal discharge is much more and they increase their chance for a heart attack, if they go for a sexual practice on daily basis at an older age. So the earlier scientific explanation that a sexual intercourse brings equal benefit and pleasure for men and women has been proved wrong.

Research regarding the same has been repeated many a times with different sample size and in different nations, but the result has always been same. In the Asian nations, the research could not have been established, since the sexual intercourse at older age there is too low for gathering a perfect sample size.