Know Your Skin – It’s The Best Asset you Have


Skin care is an essential part of beauty regime and maintaining a healthy and glowing skin but before you proceed you must most importantly know your type. Finding out your type is necessary as skin care is not a one size fitting all funda as different people have different skin nature and thus need care specific to their particular kind.
Derma can be categorized in approximately ten types but to keep the things simpler it is basically and broadly categorized in five types.

To know your specific dermal qualities you can use few under given tips and conduct the test preferably in morning hours.

1. Visual Examination-

Wash your face with water and leave it without makeup and even moisturizer for one hour. Now look for the shine on your face and if you find your face shinier now, then my dear it’s not love but the oil that makes you shine. If you find shine on the ‘T-zone’ of your face then you have a combination type of skin. Feel blessed if the face looks same as it indicates that you have a normal type. If you notice dry patches, redness, a peeling sensation and notice few pores than dear you have a dry and sensitive skin.

2. The Blotting Paper test-

Perform it as soon as you wake up. Blot your face with a blotting tissue and check for the amount of oil on the tissue. No oil shows a normal skin type whereas a lot of oil from all area of face conveys you have an oily skin. If you find some area tight but some with oil than you have a combination skin and no or very little oil depicts the dry and sensitive skin.

3. Touch Test-

Feel it by touching your face and find the moistness and smoothness on the surface. Too much moisture means oily skin and rough and patchiness shows you have a dry derma.

Skin care is not just using cosmetics and makeup but a complete skin health care regime that includes regular cleansing, moisturizing and toning. Soaps are a complete no- no for a glowing complexion but you may choose any good face wash which has a neutral ph value. Remember as you age the skin gets drier and it is essential to maintain the moistness in the skin and drinking plenty of water helps a lot.

A balanced diet with a proper intake of vitamins and minerals helps keep your skin glowing and young.

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