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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : The Future and our Career By Mousumi K Sachdeva

Human- the super power of the earth rules the world with the most powerful weapon called intelligence. Will the human intelligence lead to his own destruction? Will human intelligence be reined by its created artificial Intelligence?

The platform of Artificial Intelligence was created long time back when Human intelligence sought to make things easier and therefore had introduced Computer to us.Little did human know that electronic system could capture human behavior and intelligence too!  Human till date acts as the driver of the electronic machines. Will the machines one day drive human minds? Would that be the end of Human management and administration on the earth?

To relieve the human brain and crisis, British Mathematician Charles Babbage designed the Analytical Engine – the first computer with modern functioning although many tried to invent computer in the simplest form before him to replace minor human efforts – especially to compute tables of numbers. Gradually, human sought to make things easier and with every year we have been blessed with more and more advanced program making our jobs easy, whereas killing jobs for few.

Typewriters have been replaced by the young techno savvy people and short hand learned people gradually have become less fruitful to the world of technology. Right from the abacus to the First Generation unsophisticated large Computers with the basic programming language, humans developed outshining the older versions with vacuum tubes/ transistors, chips and very soon in the form of kits and laptops with increased speed of performance and more sharpened intelligence. We are in the Fifth Generation researching and experimenting today on nanotechnology and artificial intelligence and to the highest extent have proved to be successful in cutting down human efforts thus transferring human intelligence to the technology and blessed with artificial Intelligence. However time is yet to confirm if at all are we blessed or cursed!

A look into the history of Development of Computers will certainly give you the detailed description and I would not take the pain of copying History. This paper aims to focus more on the welcoming of Artificial Intelligence and its influence on the present as well as the coming generation in terms of career.

John McCarthy in the year 1956 proved Machines/Computers to be as close as human in the process of thinking and logics by discovering the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in an Academic Conference. And with time as the human brain grows, AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues its growth and would be growing till it becomes capable enough to replace human brains. When artificial Intelligence was just an entertaining concept in the fictions, Allan Turing a young British polymath explored the mathematical possibility of artificial intelligence and raised a question that if humans use available information as well as reason in order to solve problems and make decisions, so why can’t machines do the same thing?

Yes, why can’t machines do the same things as humans do? In fact if we slightly change the question today, we may reach the best answer:

Do machines perform the same things and in the same way as human do? If yes, why would we need human to perform in the various work fields? If we do not need the human force to work, there would be a question to their survival among the machines. However, Artificial Intelligence has been a subject of research and discovery as it is taken to be the fastest and of course wage free mode of accomplishing various tasks, thus letting machines to take over humans.

In his paper ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’, Allan Turing discussed and presented how to build intelligent machines and how to test their intelligence. And today, we see AI with more apt intelligence than man; thus the hype of Thinking Machines.

Computers or Machines now in the form of humans which we term as Robots are perfect to stand tall along with human with their progressive intelligence. In fact the concept or future of intelligent machines on earth had been predicted years ago revealed in the Greek Mythology wherein Hephaestus, the blacksmith had manufactured mechanical servants, and the bronze man Talos. Weren’t they the path towards the creation of Robots?

Now the question is – Will robots remain as human servants or would they be promoted soon? And anyone who wins the race or contest deserves the promotion. And we do not have any trick player like Lord Krishna existing in the real form to play a game as with Arjuna and Karana.

We must remember IBM’s Deep Blue, the first computer defeating Garry Kasparov – the human world champion at chess.So the supremacy over the brain game is already almost established by the machines. The world of sports soon will be entirely changed by Artificial Intelligence. Rightly is AI acclaimed as the ‘software capable of making its own conclusion on the way of reaching a goal’. Further it must be accepted that, ‘Every human task that can be replaced with technology will eventually be replaced with technology’. If this be so, what about the humans involved in the various tasks to be overtaken by AI? One can easily know the new trends in the Sports Technology with the present day scenario and the future is yet to show the authority soon.

If you ask the advantage of Artificial Intelligence, any layman would have the quick counter that it enhances or exhibits efficiency- efficiency more than human without careless flaws. And so the high human intelligent brains are toiling hard to let AI to take over all the industries. We now have the autonomous robot surgeons, thus Healthcare sector ready to be dominated my machines.

The area of Data analysis has been already overtaken and mastered by machines thus leaving many employees out of their companies. Wow! Transportation has a magical transformation wherein soon no human driver would have to take the pain and pleasure of traffic and nature. The Finance Sector has already built platforms where right from the market analysis to the personal finance management, Artificial Intelligence is at work and help. In fact, robo-advisors are used in the investment management. The Banking sector, Cyber security, Customer Service and even restaurants are replacing human waiters with robots.Machines have proved their high intelligence and efficiency in the field of creating music, self-driving cars, even as the best chef in the kitchen and more surprisingly even as the fortune-teller changing life drastically in the machine driven world.

ROSS, a recent developed expert system is an artificially-intelligent attorney based on IBM’s Watson cognitive computing system. ROSS relies on self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition, deep learning and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. What more can you expect now?

If machines learn to mimic human brain thus learningeven the languages and grasping the Natural Language processing which include text translation, sentiment analysis and speech recognition too, human work force definitely will be soon left without any means of livelihood.

With too progressive a world, will human be left with any power to grab the opportunities already mastered by machines?

Now, it is a challenge for the human with the challenges to use AI in almost all fields of work, to outsmart the artificial Intelligence and not to lose control of it. If we deeply analyse, the present young generation should take hold of the teaching, training and the province of Art and Literature to maintain the supremacy over machines, not letting them to conquer the human origin, culture and tradition.

When with all the fields almost dominated by AI, we should now draw the diagram and research the fields which wouldn’t be the easy domain for the machines. The robots cannot teach beyond the books and beyond what human has limited its power. After all they are the creations of human. The remote control of the machines must not be let loose by the humans. If by any chance the remote control is out of control, yet there are many fields in which humans can keep their supremacy over them.

Robots can imitate our language, but not master in Literature. Every book has to be written by man and the world of books and libraries can never come to an end. Ebooks can replace paperbacks, but who will write the eBooks? Creative Writing always remains the domain of the human.

Robots can deliver the news, but who will create and frame the news? Let’s ponder on it.

Teaching and training is an art. Machines can carry the technical trainings; but the various Skill Development Trainings can only be imparted by human. Hence, today the training field has been taken as a positive opportunity to explore and master in it. The educational institutions can never run successfully with machines unless the chair of the Principal is operated. Robots can play with us, show us the rules, but real training in the art of playing to a human body can only be executed by a human. Similarly, machines can create music; whereas the vocal training has to be imparted by human. And, here a ray of hopes seem to show us the path- the path of training – the need to work on the training industry in all the fields.

Before making machines as our siblings, before allowing Artificial Intelligence to rule over human intelligence completely, the great brains must work on maintaining a balance before we get to see the battle of Men verses Machines.

Yet, with successfully achieving the citizenship of Saudi Arabia with a respectable job, Sophia Robot has already marked the beginning of acquiring equal rights as the humans thus making the world of fiction true and warning the human civilization. Fingers crossed! There should not be the World of Wars!


The Author of Love Remains Undefined and Making Impossible Possible, and the Poet of The Blend of the Real and Imagination, Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva serves as Skill Development Trainer, an NLP Practitioner, author, an international poet, motivational speaker and the Chief Editor of Damick Publication and the Traditional Publishing Head Editor of Turquoise Publication. She is a ghost writer too and has contributed richly in the contribution of books and poetry.
She has been training and teaching in many institutions in various parts of India and has established herself as a writer contributing in many Newspapers, Magazines and Anthologies. She has edited many books and has contributed to 10 National and International Anthologies such as ZindagiRewind, That Friend of Mine, The 13 Alphabet E Magazine, Spilling Essences, Voyage, I am a Woman, Flames, Shadows of Placid Sanguine, The First Anthology of World Gogyoshi and many are on the way.

She has been awarded the excellence trophy of Best Author (2017-18) by Indian Awaaz and has been honoured with the Most Inspiring Author Award(2018) among the 100 winning aspiring Authors.  Her views can be read in the two very popular newspapers ‘Daily Excelsior’ and ‘Early Times’ of Jammu and Kashmir. Life is a travel for her, filled with teaching, training, social service and attending and delivering training workshops at various universities, colleges and organizations.

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Author: Amit Kumar

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